Be sure to check out The Last Of Us preview video for the Playstation 3

The game is being made by the creators of Uncharted.The Uncharted series is amazing and I expect nothing more than that from this yet to be released title from Naught Dog.

Check out the video

The Last Of Us

Also can find a write up in the magazine Game Informer I grabbed mine from local Gamestop.

Update: Playstation Vita exclusive Uncharted Golden Abyss-  After playing it almost to the end I can say it is worth the $34 it costs to either purchase it in store or in Playstation Store. Bottom line Graphically there is not 1 portable out today to match it not even the beloved Ipad that is much praised. “I do not like the Ipad”..Well I won’t spend that on a tablet.

There are some cool ideas they used for the touch screen and touch sensitive back. Like moving item around to view at different angles or using the touch screen to wipe clean objects found during the adventure. Even has paper that requires you to use bright light to see the hidden info. Hold the Vita up to sunlight or bright light and you can see what the hidden writing is. These are neat ideas but not so much needed for game play they just implemented them so you have to use it. I’m gonna stick with my initial thought on this the touch was implemented only because the Vita has it.

Controls are great with dual analog sticks it makes handheld gaming great and Uncharted Golden Abyss pretty much proves this.

Maybe im partial to this new Uncharted game because I loved the 3 on the Playstation 3. All I can say is if your an Uncharted fan get this game. If you have never played any Uncharted games maybe get a PS3 and buy Uncharted 1 it can be had for under $20. In my own opinion Uncharted series is everything Tomb Raider should have become but unfortunately never did.

Let’s all hope Lauras new outing will change my mind.

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