Finally after many years of smoking I have decided to really try and kick the habit w/Chantix

Been smoking for 20+ years and am just tired of smoking. I don’t even enjoy smoking anymore a cigarette never tastes good and at almost $5 a pack here in Florida I’ll pass. I have better things to use my money on like helping my daughter get her 1st car and other things that are much more healthy to spend my cash on. And my health isn’t all that great would love to be able to be more active without passing out from my smokers lung.

1st day taking Chantix i’ve seen others that smoked for many years and Chantix helped them greatly they no longer smoke. I want to quit so that should help it along. I’ve heard of people getting depressed from it even suicide..I guess that means i’d still be quitting 😉 j/k .

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Finally after many years of smoking I have decided to really try and kick the habit w/Chantix

  1. Maybe a dumb question but have you considered an e-cig? There are a lot of horror stories with Chantix that scare the spit out of me. E-cigs are a nice alternative. They don’t hurt your body, they’re cheaper than tobacco products and you can get just about any flavor you can possibly imagine.
    Just something to think about.


    1. Yes i’ve looked into E-cigs but breaking the hand to mouth addiction is just as important.
      Sadly I still smoke not heavily but still do.
      I did not have any major side effects using Chantix only one I noticed which is the same when cold turkey quitting is my mood was grumpy. No Nightmares or odd dreams no depression or suicidal thoughts. Important thing to remember about any pill is the side effects if you feel these things stop taking immediately.


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