1st Rc plane flight

Bought the Exceed 3channel RC Piper Cub trainer plane about a month or more back.
Due to bad weather and getting sick I never got a chance to try and fly it. I only have experience in flying 300- 450 size RC helicopters so the move to a plane is quite different.
Today my friend Carl he purchased the same one as I did we went to the local park to give it a try.
Since I had experience decided it was better I launch first. 1st launch was successful flew it around for a couple of minutes then noticed people watching did not want to many by standers if I crashed I would rather it be on the surface than some strangers face: lol Anyhow did a glide test and actually glided fantastic was an enjoyable experience even pulled off a good smooth landing came in on a glide and had a good touch down.
Next Carl’s turn 1st attempt he was up and flying no problem. where we were flying is a lake surrounded by trees and brush Carl got over the trees and I told him to bank around and get back in the field when he did panic set in and on the bank it lost altitude and went down:(
After searching finally found it if he had went down 1 second sooner it would have been a floater hopefully. Anyhow since I was a bit smaller decided I would climb out over this lake was approximately a 6+ foot drop from there I was and where the plane was stuck ontop of the trees luckily he had a garbage picker stick in the car used that to grab it. He had minimal damage to the rear fin had to repair it when we got back going back out again later this afternoon will get some video footage this time around.
Bottomline is Carl has no flight experience with any RC’s at all and does not even have sim time under his belt either and he successfully was flying on the 1st attempt.
The Exceed Piper Cub starts out at $69.95 + $17.47 shipping for under the $100 price tag this is well worth the purchase for any beginner or experienced flyer.
Even if you have no interest in this hobby but want something as a picnic or park entertainment or even to bring yours kids to the park and let them watch or try this plane you will enjoy it and the time you spend in the air with it.
The way I see it i’ve wasted $$ on much worse things like beer or going out to eat on a Saturday atleast this will bring more than 1 day of use. And I won’t shit or piss it out the next day;)

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