Nick Hogan (Hulk Hogan jail Phone conversation)**RANT**

For the 1st time today I heard the call between Hogan and his son from jail.
Man celebs make me sick they are always trying to spin something that they caused off on someone or something else.These people are in desperate need of a reality check.
So the tape gets released and the Hulkster runs to Larry King to explain how he was only trying to ease his sons pain and get him through another day of jail..WAAAHH! cry me a fucking river! (Atleast you can still talk to your son!)
This is where these clueless celebs need to wake up.stop trying to save your fucking career and be a real dad and tell that little bastard that he is lucky that all he got was a short time in jail because his friend lies in a hospital in a vegatative state because of his irresponsibility.
Hulk is on the phone trying to shift blame on John Graziano his son carelessly raced around with in his car! Then wrecked.
Seriosly Hulkster stop the crocodile tears be a real dad and let that little shit know that he fucked up and it is all his fault.that’s right the little shit that was once your sperm fucked someone up royaly let that shit know that he did it not god or any other being he did it "period". God did not punish  John Graziano for anything at all your dumb ass son caused this.
And effectively not just stole this mans life but taken his mother and fathers dreams of grandchildren,Sunday BBQ’s all the good things that you will still get with your son the Graziano family will not ever get this. They only get to look forward to hospital bed visits and only a memory of what thier son once was .
This is to all those silver spoon fed fucking celebs be real and deal with your shit you all have no problem being happy in the spotlight when it’s all good but make every excuse under the sun when it’s a negative spotlight.
Take some responsibilty don’t cry about the stuff you did face it because you did it! don’t offer your kid a new show and part owner after he basically kills someone.

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