Dragonfly Upgrade

I decided to start adding pics as I go along of me upgrading my Dragonfly R/C.
This is the first pic I took starting to pull apart I am in the middle of waiting for rotor head bearings, motors, and other parts for this upgrade so i will be posting on this as I go.
I should note on the helicopter right now I have already upgraded one of the servos using HiTec Servos these are 8g servos with better response than the stock 9g servos.
You can see the servo (blue) from the top view angle on the picture I posted.
The blades and flybars have been removed since I will be putting in the new bearings as soon as I get them.
By that time I should have all my upgrade parts here and will post the changes as I continue. The changes will not be appearence only mechanical at this time. Then I will upgrade the apperance after i get the performance I want. The worst thing in the world is to see a hotrod that looks good but runs like shit.
Since my skills have grown I need this to be a little more powerful I have already found my next Helicopter that will be allowing me to practice 3d flight after i am more efficient at fast forward flight and stall turns.
Added the final servos today and new bearings to re-attach the blades.
The Stock servos are cheap and cause lockup which is bad news you surely do not want to have lockup in forward position when in the air.
I also installed new tail motor but after a few test flights I discovered that I also blew the main motor as well so I will have to wait until the upgraded motor shows up sometime this coming week.
Replaced the Stock Walkera servos with Hitec HS-55 servos they respond much better than the stock servos I could easily tell that even with the heli dropping altitude from low RPM’s from the bad motor. Will post more pics after I replace the motor also plan on doing a Fibre glass frame upgrade as soon as I can.
Here’s a few pics of the new servos installed.

Update 06/17

Today my spare blades, rotor head guiding ring, with spare flybars arrived also purchased a 370 motor locally at a hobby shop from a Blade CP Helicopter.This was only for fine tuning before the next wave of upgrades arrive.DId get the new blades on with Rotor head guiding rings and 370 motor. I also decided since I have upgraded to a newer motor and is in the wiat for arrival I purchased a full carbon body which is great for expandability and durability. This item should arrive by Saturday.

Here is the pic of the snazzy new frame ( Carbon and Fibre Glass frame w/Titanium Alloy Skids)


Here is a pic of the stock frame.( Plastic paper thin plasic skid set)

DF #4-1 Stock Frame

Extreme x380 replaceable brush motor much faster than stock bearings for longer flight time and increased head speed here by this Tuesday.

Extreme 380x Motor

Plus some other upgrades I will be adding as well full metal head, carbon fibre blades,HH Gyro,Titanium Boom and maybe at some point add a belt drive myself but this will be much later right now I am concentrating on the main stuff I listed the metal head upgrades and Titanium boom hopefully will be ordered this coming week:)

Hobbies can be expensive this heli started out as a $88 chopper it has already exceeded $200 just in upgrade parts and I am still not complete:( I really love this hobby not to make money from it but because I truly love this hobby/sport:)

And a Pic of my RC with new blades,Guiding rings head replacement,rear motor and temp main motor. Wanted to post this now because I will post after frame upgrade is complete with hybrid motors.

DF#4 before xmotor and Fibreglass frame

Update 06/17/2008

here she is with the new extreme 380x motor installed:) very nice the pinion is hex screwed in much nicer than stock which are pressure pushed on requiring a Pinion remover tool

DF#4 Xtreme Motor installed! 

My next shipment should be the Fiber Glass frame will post that after install this will be a little tough requiring me to gut the whole helicopter and move over to the slick ass frame!

Update 06/20/08

Here it is completed with full fiber frame new motors performance servo’s intact just awaiting the replacement 4in1 and I will then try to fly it too:)

DF Fiber Frame 1DF Fiber Frame 2DF Fiber Frame 3

A side by side stock and upgraded frame.

By looking you will see that the stock is just very thin plastic  rods that are the skids and frame.

Stock first Pic upgrade 2nd.

DF#4 before xmotor and Fibreglass frameDF Fiber Frame 3

Stock frame and Upgraded frame side by side.

Stock first Upgrade second picture.

Stock Frame  JES-4005

Not that stock frames are bad they are great when you are learning to fly becuse they are cheap for repair and can use a wire hanger if needed until replacement gets mailed.

But for better stability and quality the upgaded frame is awesome!


2 thoughts on “Dragonfly Upgrade

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