Repairing the Wireless Gaming Receiver For Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller and PC windows

MS Wireless receiver

The Microsoft Wireless Gaming Receiver For Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for PC windows have a flaw they stop working after some time.
I had purchased 2 of them about 5 years or so back and they lasted probably 2 years then stopped working. I saved the broken adapters figuring 1 day I would attempt to repair well 2 years later and I have.
This seems to be an issue that everyone runs into with these adapters.

I like using a 360 controller on some PC games so when it went I was a bit disappointed.

What you will need to repair this is a low wattage Soldering Pen one from Radio Shack will do with a fine tip. Small screw drivers watch type preferred to remove the board and pry the receiver apart. A small pocket knife.


A wire that can be cut this is for the repair. Very thin wire needed.
A lighted magnifier to see the points on board to solder them unless you have really, really good eyes. Soldering experience if you don’t have that then do a few practice runs on some broken boards that have points about the same size that is on the Microsoft receiver.

First you will take the small flat head screw driver and start where the cord goes into the receiver and slowly pry around until the top pops off the board will then be exposed.

You can see where I started to pry this is where you will start to as well.

Here is the unit with the top off>
Take a look at the board there are 2 Philips head screws that hold the board down use the small watch Philips head to remove both screws and then lift the board out.

Once the board is out you will need the small wire stripped at the end make sure to add a thin coat of solder on the wire.

Flip the board over and look for F1 on the board circled red in picture with arrow pointing to it.
F1 board

If you look closely under F1 there are 2 solder points this is where you will solder the small wire to both points bridging them together. This is what will fix the receiver.
Once you complete the solder do not put back together right away plug into PC and verify it gets the green light and windows makes the sound that new hardware has been found.
Once you see the green light and hear Windows you have fixed your wireless controller receiver go ahead and put it back together.

Have fun using your wireless Xbox 360 controller on your PC games again. Why go spend $20+ on a generic receiver when you may have a Microsoft made one that can easily be repaired with a wire solder and a soldering pen and 10 minutes of your time.

Once soldered will look something like this. This is very sloppy on my part was my 1st attempt. Can tell it’s been some time since I’ve soldered anything. But it works.

Space Ace & Dragon’s Lair Arcade LD’s

These games are true classics they were absolutely amazing in the 1980’s era.
In that time frame games were sprites and Atari 2600 was the home video game system that was in most American’s homes. And let’s not forget Pong 😉
Dragon’s Lair was 100% animation by Don Bluth who at the time was the animator for Disney.

The game used what we call today “Quick Time Events” make one mistake and bleep you die and start from last fail point.
While you did not have 100% control of the hero you did make those QT clicks to progress through the game. Very challenging and let’s face it this was the best looking video game anyone ever laid their eyes on.

To find a working arcade of these types today are hard to come by.
They used Laserdisc technology which was the only format that could handle this at the time.
there are players out there that can play the discs or you can purchase boards to upgrade the Laserdisc player you have. Boards are called Laser ace or Lasercon conversion cards.

To purchase a Dragon’s Lair or Space Ace Laserdisc today is hard to come by and if you do they are costly.
Found Space Ace on Ebay today for $425.00.

There are many different releases for these today PC, DVD and every console in existence.
Or can download the ISO’s of the games and use Daphne emulator to play on your PC.

The biggest surprise I saw was Super Nintendo’s fine release of Space Ace. Seriously I can not know what the top turds at Nintendo were thinking!

Here are screen shots of Space Ace Arcade,PC, Xbox-Xbox360, PS-PS2 and even classic Sega CD.


Super Nintendo:

Seriously WTF were they thinking when they released this POS?
Worse who was the sorry sap that would proudly say they coded this fine game?

Playstation 4 Uncharted 4 10 days and a wake up

UPDATE: Went to midnight release at Gamestop in front of Walmart in Port Richey, Florida. Uncharted is Unleashed!

I prefer posting about HTPC’s and stuff relating to them.
But the release of Uncharted 4 is news to post about. This is the 5th game of the series and the very 1st of the series to be made exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Uncharted 1-3 HD versions were released for the PS 4 back on October 7th 2015 titled The Nathan Drake Collection.
And then the Sony Vita hand held Uncharted release Golden Abyss. Which was also a new story and game exclusively for it’s PS Vita release.

Not many games turn my head but the Uncharted series does and has since I first played the original on the PlayStation 3 bundle I purchased about 2 years after the PlayStation 3 was released. I waited on this purchase since Sony had been a huge disappointment to me with regards to the PlayStation 2 release. They lied about the PlayStation 2’s capabilities and The PlayStation 3 was a huge surprise to me. It was everything they said it would be.
Fast forward to the PlayStation Vita and again Sony lied about it’s capabilities.
I so love the Uncharted series I still purchased the terrible hand held just so I could play Uncharted: Golden Abyss.
If you like Tomb Raider series at least the good ones that released then Uncharted will be welcomed greatly. Because to me it’s everything Tomb Raider failed to accomplish it is the better game by far. Even Tomb Raider’s best releases don’t touch any of the Uncharted titles with the exception of Golden Abyss.
They are 2 different games and should be judged separately but truth is it’s hard not to.

May 10th is release date so 10 days and a wake up!
Uncharted 4 is developed by Naughty Dog.

Nathan now looks a bit older. Just rendered better.



PC Gaming screen shots. It’s Personal

Posting some of my favorite screens of games I very much enjoy playing or have finished playing.
Something about PC gaming that consoles just can’t touch.
Ryse Son Of Rome:EFCEE2A6CF8B1DF82E432A1F34A33C3751D721B5 (1920×1080)
5D2B0C8A3A7D1912431E8769C310087B7D8B1740 (1920×1080)
D6C3263AD26D9226C237E17AF37B08F19C80DEFF (1920×1080)
Rise Of The Tomb Raider:
Batman Arkham Knight:
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier:
489CB7DBD50DF5DC8BE65DFFD21EBA23C4F1AF9D (1920×1080)
Max Payne 3:
FE5848EBE8C2BC15659A2350AC2EFF1226893C27 (1920×1080)
5780665A4BEDABAA70D3CD416925E55334864956 (1920×1080)
04A587897F93F907B7AA17FB1856A5062E86CA58 (1920×1080)
C455F4F4206E31DD2ADE12B1AED20D7DAEF3B4A5 (1920×1080)
Crysis 2:
44E6CD885C9D0CB303819A1D71ED56F1BB1FA378 (1920×1080)
E0910EE8FD75D208DA12606C25C4D32181EE7B86 (1920×1080)
770F590C556E2BA9517553704B6BFC32DF1EA513 (1920×1080)
BF5921A9D96B8829AF343F0F38EBDEDC67AA615E (640×360)
EF2F664A0E288E5A4A1DF040BED5717700DD6435 (1920×1080)
Gears Of War Ultimate Edition PC:
Screenshot (2)
Screenshot (3)
Screenshot (1)

As much as I look forward to PlayStation 4’s Uncharted 4 release I still love playing on a personal computer above all.

It’s not just because the better graphics a PC can do or higher resolutions. Or the fact can play games above 60 frames per second.
Mostly it’s because when your playing on a PC it is a personal experience that just isn’t there on consoles.

HIS Radeon R9 series r290x graphics card for PC.

HIS Radeon R9 series r290x graphics card for PC.

I rarely use ATI/AMD video cards in my computers. But every once in awhile they get it right. Well make a product that really catches me.

Last few Video cards I used were all EVGA Geforce cards. GTX 770, GTX 680 prior to that used the EVGA Geforce 560ti. and used a few more previous generations of Nvidia cards. The FX line I completely skipped and that was the first time I used a ATI  card in my PC the 800 series excellent cards.”Was actually owned by ATI back then” ATI really made their first high performance card that could not only keep up with Nvidia previous and it’s new FX line it straight up smacked the shit out of both the Nvidia 4 series and it’s new FX line at that time.

Today 09/22/2014 Nvidia threw a curve saying the 800 desktop series GPU’s wouldn’t see light until spring 2015. Well They went ahead and skipped the 800 series and have a 980 and 970 GTX cards.

The high end 980 is about $30 more than AMD’s r290x. And so far it looks to perform better than the AMD/ATI 290x.
Why are these cards interesting or a big step for PC gaming? Because the 780ti,Geforce Titan and AMD r290x are the 1st single card solutions that were built to play games in UltraHD. Not all at 60fps but from the scores I’ve seen they average anywhere from 32-45fps at 4k resolutions. The new 980 scores a bit better than the 780ti or the r290.

SHD or UHD monitors are a whole different beast. So i’ll not talk about them much. UHD Aka:4k= 3840 x 2160 resolution. WTF is SHD ? I’m probably the only one that even uses the word “SuperHD ” SHD= 2560 x 1440 or 2560 x 1600 resolutions.

The HD on most TV’s and PC’s today do 720p =1280×720 resolution and 1080i/p=1920×1080.

I purchased the  HIS iPower IceQ X² H290XQM4GD Radeon R9 290X 4GB 512-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 early last month. Picked this card not because of the warranty or cost as a matter a fact the warranty is one of the worse I’ve seen

  • Limited Warranty period (parts): 2 years
  • Limited Warranty period (labor): 2 years

When reading and doing my research on the 290x most of the 1st or maybe even 2nd batch of GPUs pressed had major issues with over heating or plain just black screening or not working out of the box. Maybe not all but let me tell you if you do a google search on this matter there are millions of hits.
I prefer using XFX manufactured video card because they give limited lifetime warranties on all their GPU’s.
Unfortunately not only did they average about $75-$120 more they also had a whole lot of reviews stating that the cards were doing exactly what I said earlier. It wasn’t just XFX with these issues almost every manufacturer were using AMD’s  reference build.

The HIS doesn’t match AMD’s reference at all which is good because it stays cool and has heat pipes unlike the AMD reference cards that all other manufacturers used. So running this stock and even a little OC is good to go. There’s a catch here the card should be set to Uber mode at all times. Will explain later

Now for the bad it’s not AMD’s reference design therefore if you want to use your water cooling block on it it’s not going to fit because it’s not reference. I’m sure at some point someone will release one to fit it. May be one is already out there now but until then your old skool HSF.
The cards have dual BIOs and a switch on the side of the video card to either use Standard they call it silent mode or switch the tiny switch the opposite way on the video card and you get uber mode. It comes set on silent after about 15 minutes of stress testing it using Wolfenstein New Order at complete max detail  and also Watch Dogs set at max these 2 games will use up to 3-4gb of vram when textures and shadows are set at ultra. On silent mode graphics corruption started appearing within 15-20 minutes of game play Watch Dogs. Sweating it out a bit at this point restarted PC and then disabled any apps or services not needed. Started new Wolfenstein after 10 minutes or less the whole PC locked up. I repeated this process twice once with WHQL drivers and the beta drivers. Pretty much same issues with both drivers.

You can flip the switch on the AMD r290x while PC is on just have to restart PC after for it to change to uber mode. Once in Uber mode all issues were resolved.

I also did have some issues with hardware due to lightning strike some parts still came back working showing no errrors While Geforce GPU,Mainboard and HDD went down which were all RMAd.

What i’m saying is take my experience with the r290x with a grain of salt. It’s completely possible one of my components could be the reason why I had this issue.

AMD’s Mantle API to be pretty cool. It directly accesses the GPU unlike DirectX 11.2 and under. Now DirectX12 that will probably change i’m sure M$ doesn’t like being behind in the PC games race. Direct access to GPU means that games can be developed almost like a console where it only processes games nothing else. Not quite that good in Windows environment but gives ya an idea what Mantle is all about.

Also interested in Mantle because of SteamOS which is Linux Kernel based which means OpenGL and Mantle will be what will power a true 100% PC gaming machine then it will be like programming for consoles it will use 100% of PC hardware dedicated to nothing else but the game your playing. We all know DirectX will never be on any other OS than Windows OS.

I really do prefer AMD over Nvidia but when it comes to gaming i’ll always buy the video card I like best weather it’s Nvidia or AMD.
Nvidia refuses to just open up PhysX for every type of hardware. And they can do this but instead they lock it down. AMD’s TressFX is open for everyone to use. Nvidia won’t even allow you to use your Graphics card as a dedicated PhysX card if your using an AMD graphics card.
AMD pretty much left Mantle open for use. Nvidia even has made claims that Geforce cards can use Mantle.

Computer went down.

Computer went down.

Few weeks back my main PC dumped on me. And did so taking more than 1 component.
I’m pretty sure I narrowed it down to lightning.
The last time it worked was before the storm which caused multiple outages.

The Motherboard ,Video Card & main HDD “Seagate 1TB Hard Drive”.
Luckily the computer is 14 months old and the Hard drive has 5 year warranty, EVGA gives a 3year warranty for their video cards and the ASUS Mainboard also offers 3 years.

Seagate offered the best RMA it offers an advanced RMA option which costs $9.95 and they send the replacement 2-day shipping and arrives with the box and a pre-paid shipping sticker for UPS.
Went ahead and tried to recover as much as I could from the bad HDD and mailed it back to Seagate today July Saturday the 26th 2014. I ended up recovering about 80% more than I hoped for.

The Video card was mailed out to EVGA using USPS- US Postal Service. Which cost me $19.88 to ship they only offered 2 options the cheaper was only $3 less. I wanted the Tracking and Signature verification. I sent a Geforce GTX 680 out not a cheap Vcard.
Turn around time was also good the card arrived on Monday and I had the replacement the next Monday.
EVGA was unable to replace with the same video card 680 and sent me a GeforceGTX 770 Super Clocked. I sent in the GeforceGTX 680 Super Clocked Signature 2 Series Video card.
Immediately I contacted EVGA why would they send me a 770?? Shouldn’t I get the 780?
Well as Warranty states “•Products sent in for RMA will be repaired or replaced with a product deemed to be of equal or greater performance by EVGA if an exact replacement is not available.”

The 770 Super Clocked although costs about $100 less actually performs better than the 680. And it does perform better I am not complaining:-)

ASUS RMA also went smoothly was mailed out same day as the Video Card and arrived Tuesday the day after I got Video card.
PC was down for a total of 12 days not to bad. If it was my only PC it probably would have been harder to get through.

Today I decided to go ahead and use my old Geforce GTX 260 as a dedicated PhysX card. Did some reading prior to making this decision and was a mixed bag of it’s great or it’s not going to add extra frames.

Well I added the 260 as dedicated PhysX.
This is not a good idea if you don’t have good air flow and a full size tower.
Also requires a 1000 Watt or better power supply.
The 260 and 770 use a lot of juice I use a dedicated 500Watt PSU for the 770 and the 260 connects to the main PSU which is $750 Watts.
At idle the 260 runs @ 42c with the GPU/PhysX fan set to 75% at all times. Remember the 260 isn’t being used for any video just PhysX and runs hot.
The 770 runs idle @ 35c GPU fan is always on auto.
In Farenheit 42c=107.2f

In game those temps rise a lot.
770-67c=152.6 that’s a combined temp of 317.8f people cook meals @ 325f.
Not to mention the CPU heat and chipset,Hard Drives and Memory.
Point is don’t bother if you have a mid size case or smaller it would melt down quickly.

Retired gaming consoles: The Sega Legacy


Some of my retired consoles.
Original PlayStation-1994
Super Nintendo-November 21, 1990
Gamecube -September 14, 2001
Sega Saturn-November 22, 1994
Sega Dreamcast-November 27, 1998
Nintendo Wii- December 2, 2006

Of all the consoles I had the Dreamcast was my favorite and still holds the coolest Game system of all time in my book. Imaginary book;-)
Sega made the biggest mistake they thought by using 1024 Discs & hardware aka: 1GB discs & GB Drive thus doing copyright protection for GB-Discs not 700mb CD-Rs. Since the GB burners were very expensive/ almost impossible to get and Dreamcast would require a mod chip to play burnt 1gb disc games.PC’s only had 700mb burning capability at that time.
The Dreamcast used a Gigabyte Rom drive in the system that of course played GB discs and music CD’s.
Sega team gave the hacking community little or no credit. Hackers/crackers were able to rip the data directly from the Dreamcast to PC (Using a home made coder’s cable under $20) then by removing unneeded data on the disc to make it under 700mb they could burn the games to regular CD-rs and play them on the Dreamcast. NO modchips or software modding was needed to play backups or downloaded games. Because the protection was only looking for copied 1GB Discs not 700mb CD-R’s;-)

The Playstation2 came bursting out on release date making the Dreamcast fail. And what a shame the Dreamcast was by far the better console. And not because it was easily cracked but because it was just better.
Just like the Saturn console before Sega was ahead of their time. Both the Saturn & Dreamcast were online capable and not like the PS2 the Dreamcast actually had online games on release date. It still boggles my mind how console gamers totally missed that. Maybe they weren’t ready for diversity in gaming.

Keep in mind it’s 1994/1995 and the Sega Saturn is online capable and games were released.
•Virtual On
•Daytona USA CCE: Netlink Edition
•Sega Rally: Netlink Edition
•Saturn Bomberman
•Duke Nukem 3D
Amazing to say the least.

Dreamcast online capable on release date or close to.
Doom (unofficially ported to Dreamcast)
Maximum Pool
Phantasy Star Online/Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2
Planet Ring
Quake III Arena
Sega Swirl

It really showed how behind the console gaming community was.

My retired console collection.
Retired Consoles

It’s 1994-1996 the Sega Saturn was online!
Remember what was around?


Projection TV

Windows 3.1

Laserdisc Clear_Present_Danger_AC3


Sega Saturn front

Sega Saturn top

Here at the bottom mostly remain unseen. And most still don’t know or bother to look. The Sega Saturn was a master piece 15 years ahead of it’s time.
Let’s not forget the Saturn could also play burnt copied/downloaded games as well. No software mod or hardware mod needed. It’s called hot swapping. Takes a few tries but it can be done;-) Timing and speed is the trick if your slow & clumsy you’ll never get it.

The amazing Dreamcast could play any disc or region game.
And Phantasy Star Online was awesome! Anyone play that back in 1998-1999?
PhantasyStarOnline screenshotDC


The Awesome retired Dreamcast Sega’s last console:-( Very sad day when Sega announced that they were no longer making hardware.
Dreamcast Console

Geforce GTX 560ti Still holding it’s own.

EVGA GeforceGTX Superclocked 560ti

My son has been using the Geforce GTX260 for over a year now. Upgraded his PC again a few days back with the EVGA SuperClocked 01G-P3-1563-AR GeForce GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready. I actually purchased this card in January 2011 then sold it to friend early January 2013 replaced it with the Geforce GTX 680. Only to rebuy it back a few days ago almost a year exact that I sold it.

I was curious how well the 560 holds up on current games any type between Sept 2013 – March 2014.
The PC it is in I would consider to be what the majority of PC gamers use.

17″ ViewSonic 4:3 ratio LCD Panel (VG730M) Resolution @ 1280×1024
AMD Phenom 9600B Quad Core CPU clocked @ 2.31ghz
System memory 4gb of DDR2
EVGA Geforce GTX 560ti SuperClocked. Nvidia Core Clock reference is 822 Mhz.
Shader Clock:1645 Mhz reference

The 560ti Superclocked is @
Core Clock 900Mhz
Shader Clock 1800Mhz

Operating System is Windows 8.1 all updates are current.
Nvidia drivers are WHQL v.334.89

All games I either benchmarked or ran FRAPS to monitor Frame rate.
Resolution in game is @ 1280×1024 with the exception of Thief one benchmark was done in 1280×720.

First game I threw in was Tomb Raider reboot. I was told with TressFX enabled it ran choppy.
It’s settings were @ max w/tressFX on & NO Vsync or Antialiasing.
Resolution was @ 1280×1024
Ran benchmark that is built into the game. Minimum FPS-1.9 Average FPS:39.5 Maximum FPS-56
I played the game a bit and it didn’t feel lagged at all. I feel that the game will run pretty smoothly throughout the game. Playing multiplayer may be a bit different because online you will want as many FPS as you can get.

Tomb Raider reboot was released on March 2013 so it’s already a year old but I felt it should be thrown into the games I benchmarked. I think Tomb Raider reboot still looks great it’s graphics aren’t dated yet.

2nd game I test was much more recent.
Thief Reboot Released :February 25, 2014 in North America, February 27, 2014 in Australia, and February 28, 2014 in Europe. It will be released for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.
I absolutely loved the original was out around 1997 or 1998 I remember having a 3DFX Voodoo 2 and a Creative 3d sound card “There wasn’t 5.1 for PC gamers back then.”
It just sucked me in the atmosphere was amazing and at night at the desk alone I was creeped out.
Now that graphics are very close to real time FMV everyone under the sun is doing reboots. Not that it’s bad or anything:-) I love the new Thief & Tomb Raider.

Thief Benchmarks: All resolutions are 1280×1024 unless stated in Benchmark results.

1st:run Maximum detail: Minimum FPS-0 Maximum FPS-40.5 Average FPS-19.0 Bottom line this is not playable at all.
2nd:Custom settings All High Detail AA-low No Vsync Minimum FPS-0 Max-50.8 Avg-23.4 Dropped down to high and did a few custom changes these settings are not playable.
3rd:Custom Textures :high shadows:high Depth of Field:Normal AF:x16 Parallax Occlusion:unchecked FXAA: unchecked Tesselation: unchecked
Min-0 Max-53.6 Avg-24.2. Again at these frame rates it’s just not going to be enjoyable.

4th:All setting stayed as they were in run #3 except on this run I unchecked even more visuals and lowered textures and shadows to normal and Still was not playable at these settings.
I ended up doing 7 different configurations trying to get some visuals in game while maintaining a playable frame rate. It just was not possible to do so.
Setting everything to low just to play this on your PC isn’t worth it you can play the Xbox 360 or PS3 version and get a smoother experience.
The Thief game brought the 560ti rig to it’s knees.
Since Thief is a slow moving game and doesn’t rely on fast dodging and accurate shooting while moving it can probably be played at Low & Medium settings but why would anyone want to play any game like that? When consoles seem to be handling it no problem.

On a high end PC Thief looks amazing and the game is very entertaining. I’m a Thief fan so my judgment isn’t exactly fair. There are others that feel the exact opposite of the new reboot.

3rd game I went and tested is Batman Arkham Origins Release Date: Oct 25, 2013 Also On: PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360 ,PlayStation 4 & XboxOne
Arkham Origins I set all settings that could be set to DX11 Enhanced only Ambient Occlusion and Hardware PhysX were turned off and Depth of field was set to Normal.
At start of game FPS ran @ 32-65. Until First encounter with multiple enemies then FPS held solid @ 55-60FPS.
Batman Arkham Origins runs great. The 560 is holding up well.

Next game Shadow Warrior it was set @ Ultra quality 75hz No AA wasn’t running very smoothly FPS-18-33. At high quality it ran @ 40-60FPS very playable for this type run & gun action First Person Shooter/slasher.

Had to bring Battlefield 4 into the mix.
Maximum detail 32-50 FPS while that is great I didn’t get much further in game only at beginning I don’t think this would be smooth through the whole game.
Set @ High quality it was much better and I think it would run great through the whole game maybe even online. FPS-65-80FPS.

This game had to be in the mix it’s the oldest game of them all but the graphics it posses I still believe the best out is Crysis 3

@ Ultra setting FPS-12-22 Not acceptable!
@High settings FPS-28-32 getting better maybe play through game with little lag. But Online multiplayer NO WAY!
@ Medium settings FPS-27-62 there’s the # I look for 60fps but it’s not a solid 60fps but at medium it looks like online multiplayer is possible.

I’m very surprised how great a 4 core CPU clocked @ 2.3ghz, 4gb of memory and a 1gb Nvidia Geforce 560ti held up.
The only game on the list here that was problematic was Thief. Maybe a few more driver releases will fix the frame and make it a bit more smooth for people that don’t have the latest and greatest rigs.

Here’s a few screen shots I took when getting frame rates.
bf4 2014-03-03 14-48-42-79

bf4 2014-03-03 14-49-49-20

bf4 2014-03-03 14-51-20-46

sw 2014-03-03 13-33-48-66

sw 2014-03-03 13-34-30-39

sw 2014-03-03 13-34-31-82

Beyond 2 Souls PS3 & Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag PC

Finished playing Beyond 2 Souls yesterday. I did get it on release day the long time to beat it was not from gameplay. I just took my time beating it.
Graphically & Voice acting are top notch.
Voice of main character is Ellen Page and supporting voice actor Willem Defoe. The characters also look like them as well. From what I understand they were also motion captured.
If you have played any of Quantic Dream’s games then you should have a idea that games they make are story driven.
Either you like these type games or you don’t that seems to always be the case with any of Quantic releases. While individuals have different opinions game reviewers all rate it highly.
I personally liked the gameplay and story. Personally prefer story driven games so my thoughts on this game shouldn’t be considered unbiased.

If your not a gamer and like movies then Quantic Dream games are probably for you. Other games they made that are also excellent in story are Farenheit-UK name /version PC, Indigo Prophecy is Farenheit but is USA release also PC. Then Heavy Rain which was a PC release but was later made for PlayStation 3 only.
All 3 of these games are excellent in my opinion.

Indigo Prophecy can be purchased for PC digitally online check the normal places. It can also be purchased for the PlayStation 2 & Original Xbox for $9.99 at Gamestop.
Heavy Rain PlayStation 3 only Gamestop Used:$17.99 Directors cut Used $18.99. New $29.99 New for Directors Cut $19.99.
Better off going with directors cut.
The Director’s Cut includes the original game, Heavy Rain Chronicles: Episode 1 – The Taxidermist DLC, a series of 8 “Making of” bonus videos, the game’s soundtrack, three dynamic themes and more.

Beyond 2 Souls PlayStation 3 only new $59.99 used $54.99.


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag-PC
I got Assassin’s Creed IV a few days after release date didn’t bother with it because I really didn’t enjoy any game after the original.
While I did play it through the opening of the game I never got past the docks.
Then a new patch was issued which included Nvidias PhysX it was not originally included in the release build.

Dropped the patch on cranked the PhysX option to Maximum because Nvidia claims any GTX line 600 series and up can do so. This wasn’t the case even with PhysX set on low the game studdered terribly.
I installed the latest driver for my Geforce GTX 680 Superclocked edition GPU. So it was up to date!…yes & no. After a few days of trying different options and graphics settings I couldn’t get a happy medium performance.
So today 01/18/2014 I look at PhysX driver version it wasn’t the latest driver build. So I went and downloaded PhysX_9.13.0927_SystemSoftware and sure enough it fixed the issue everything cranked to top and running buttery smooth.
Through all the testing with old PhysX drivers I had managed to get a bit further in game. Only to be at a part escaping and stealing a boat. As soon as rouge waves started pounding the ship I was hooked. Now I must play & finish the game through.

Here are the PhysX drivers I installed and fixed studdering issue with.