This is my not so serious blog.

It’s about nothing important just stuff.  Don’t take this to seriously because I sure don’t


3 thoughts on “About

    1. Your Tv screen has a hole in it? And it still works? If the screen is damaged it’s going to most likely cost more for the screen than it’s worth. Can try and find an affordable replacement on Ebay maybe but chances are you won’t find one and if you do it’ll be cheaper to buy a new TV.
      I add fixes and other stuff on my blog to help others who may have same issue I don’t do house repairs or calls to help people. If you need a tech contact a local TV repair man.
      Would of been better posted on the actual blog I did on the Olevia TV this way maybe others will see it and have different thoughts or ideas for a fix. Posting this on my about page won’t be seen by people who have the Olevia TV because they will be looking and posting on the actual blog about the repair. Have questions about Olevia TV post your questions here: https://smiseks.wordpress.com/2014/01/08/repairing-the-42-olevia-242-t11/


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