One thing you can say about Cannibal Corpse is they have stayed true to their form.
As of June 2020 they have 14 albums out that doesn’t include the live releases.
And as of January 2020 they have announced that they are working on their 15th album. Follow up from 2017 release Red Before Black.

I always have loved their 1st album Eaten Back to Life was released back in 1990 during Tampa Bays rise as the Death Metal Capital! Why this is important to me? Well I live in the Tampabay area.
And I did lose touch with Death Metal well all metal for that matter.

I have close to all their albums on LP I’m short 3 Butchered at Birth, The Bleeding, Gallery Of Suicide.

Regardless I really just wanted to say I love the their 1999 release Bloodthrist to me this is their best album. Even better than Eaten Back To Life.
These get hard to pay for “costly” and could only get a hold of the 25th Anniversary edition LP.
Usually picture discs don’t have great sound quality but for whatever reason the 25th Anniversary edition picture discs sound great. I only have 3 anniversary picture discs Bloodthirst being one of them. I do plan on spending a bit more to get it on standard vinyl eventually.
SO until then I will be playing Bloodthirst loudly until I pound my neighbors to dust!

Nice hit up Krautrock on Discogs and got a nice limited version of Gallery Of Suicide.
Limited to 500 so now down 2 Cannibal albums.



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