Wretched Cannibal

Wretched is an American extreme metal band from Charlotte, North Carolina[1] founded by Marshall Wieczorek and Steven Fundenburk in 2005. Wretched’s musical style incorporates elements of melodic death metaldeathcore, and technical death metal.

Wr‏etched Cannibal- Cover
I found a seller on Amazon selling this LP fuckin excellent album.
A Must have for any Vinyl collector of  the Heavy Metal genre and sub-genres.
This is a Death/Thrash/ Technical sounding album but is more Death Metal than anything else but does have that Thrash/Technical Death Metal sound good shit! Even has some melodic metal a testament to how badass they are.

Only 555 total were pressed 113 on  Clear with Black Smoke and 442 pressed on Red.
And I am positive at least 1 Test Print is floating about as well maybe more?
Love this album it is bad ass!

Right now my 3 fav albums that are seeing TT and CD in Car is Obituary (2017) , Vile Stench Of The Deceased (1999) & Wretched Cannibal (2014) All just insane.


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