Vile Stench Of The Deceased

Vile Stench Of The Deceased-cover0

When I got word that Stench of The Deceased was coming to vinyl I was pretty stoked.
Vile formed in 1996 located @  Concord, California Stench Of the Deceased was their 1st full album was self released in 1999 they had 2 previous Demos in 1996 Unearthed, 1997 Vile-ation also self released.
What made this album a must have not only because it is a fuckin solid Death Metal album but never released to Vinyl until Feb 27th 2020.
I really wanted the Green/Black marble pressing but unfortunately I was late to the release news.
Was lucky enough to get the standard Black version all limited 1 time releases.

I just love the late 80s’ through to 1999 DM sound. Thanks to Tampa Bay’s kick ass Death Metal homebase and Roadrunner and Scot Burns who was a fucking master at producing Death Metal albums. And I happen to live in the Tampa Bay surrounding area.
I lived a few miles from Glen Benton of Deicide. Pretty cool.
This is pure Death Metal not technical not melodic just good ole fuckin we came to punch a hole in the stratosphere hard hitting shit.
While this wasn’t a RR or Scot Burns release it was still in that era that had such a sic sound.

Take a listen.

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