Thrash or Thrashed

With Thrash winding up and strong in Europe it’s not made much of a squeak here in the states.
Thrash is NOT dead the new wave is amazing but there are also some old ones that never got any attention things were just different back in the 80s’ and 90s’ it took a whole lot of work and a bunch of luck to get noticed on a scale that would be lucrative enough to support yourself. Most play because they love it but the bills still got to get paid.

Thanks to the higher speed internets and Napster for kicking off shared music via the nets now bands can be noticed and heard from any where in the world.
But for LP’s aka: Vinyl that isn’t always the case some you still have to ship old skool snail mail from all over the world. Shipping media mail in the states alone can take weeks no less from Italy or Greece.
Vinyl is a love that isn’t just the sound it’s the killer cover art the awesome 12″ disc that sounds so fucking awesome and the inserts they can be full color and the lyrics are readable because they aren’t squeezed on a CD pamphlet that is using 8 sized lettering on it maybe smaller.
Sometimes they come with extras like posters or stickers even MP3 cards and CD’s. Then there’s the Vinyl it can be different colors, mixed in a variety of splatters and splashes or waves, they can glow in the dark be picture discs even have fluid in them. They can be standard weight, 180g, 200g, 240g.
Yes Vinyl is cool.

Thrash on vinyl is why I am here.
I have hunted down a few older LP’s one at least 15 years old or more and the other 5 or 6 years old.
Both are thrash albums.

The 1st is Municipal Waste The Art Of Partying
They do crossover style of D.R.I., S.O.D. and Agnostic Front early on but this album is a pure thrash piece of work.
Everyone should listen to these guys. Or at least give them a chance.
I grabbed this one up pnm Vinyl right from amazon online.
This album was released in 2007.
Municipal Waste Art Of Partying Cover

Then there is Deathhammer Evil Power.
Word is they were active since 05 but did not release their 1st LP till 2015 and then this one.
These guys have a love of 80s’ Thrash and this album sounds like it and it is a good thing.
Check them out they are good.
Don’t let the name or title fool you.
Deathhammer Evil Power LP Cover


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