Some of my favorite Vinyl

I collected Vinyl in the mid 80s’ to the early 90s’ but my collection was not huge maybe 50 or so.
After losing a number of them I managed to salvage a few here and there from that time that luckily didn’t get given away or lost.
And I started buying Vinyl again in the early 2000’s off and on which brought my Vinyl collection back to the 30-40 mark that was buying rarely here and there for quite a few years.
Eventually I purchased a new turntable the Audio Technica LP-60 it reignited my love for Vinyl all over again.
but again I still bought Vinyl here and there and said I wouldn’t upgrade to a really nice turntable until I had over 100 LPs.
Low and behold by 2018 I had went well over the 100 mark I set and ended up buying the Rega Planar 2 and purchased the Ortofon M2 Blue Cart/needle early 2019 .

Now I’m breaking the 400 mark I think. And have collected quite a few rares and favs of mine not because they are worth most or because they are hard to get but because they are just great albums that some happen to be both expensive now and hard to get ahold of at least at the price I originally paid which was most likely $20 or less at the time..
here it goes this one is actually one I purchased fairly recently.
Suicidal Tendencies Join The Army 1987 1st press

Such a kick ass album it had to be my 1st listed not because it’s a recent find but because I forgot how badass this album really was and still is.

This is really cool it’s a rare 7″ 45RPM Executioner Metal Up Your Ass.
This is Obituary before they were Obituary or Xecutioner. And it’s actually good they look to be in their teens at the time of this recording story is these became ultra rare because one of the members threw away a whole bunch of these. The version I have is NOT an original but still not easy to find. I’d love to get my hands on an actual original.

Since we are on Obituary while I do have Slowly We Rot and Cause Of Death pressings these are rare but not as rare as Darkest Day this album was only released on LP 1x by Back on Black in 2009 the version I got is the clear Vinyl version.
Only came limited in Clear and Black Vinyl.
Great album cool find if you see it at a decent price grab it!


This band never made a huge splash in the Thrash scene.  But they were actually really good.
And now have a cult following and their Vinyl is rare.

I love it honestly it’s a shame bands like Metallica or Megadeth stole so much of the spotlight. These guys Thrashed much harder. To bad Internet wasn’t the norm in the late 80s’ because things may not of turned out so well for the big 4 Thrash bands of that day .

This band is from the new wave of Trash metal. Europe has a huge surge there in Thrash bands Ultra-Violence Privilege To Overcome is their debut full album from 2013. They did a EP release Wildcrash in 2012.
Ultra-Violence hails from Turin, Italy. Unfortunately you won’t find this in America and the album was a double LP release only pressed one time and only 250 were pressed.
This is an excellent album you can find the CD at Amazon possibly.

Rings Of Saturn ‎– Dingir I love this band they coined the sub-genre Aliencore from these guys.
The band is heavy as hell and fucking great Dingir is an awesome album many prefer Lugal Ki En but both have that same feel and extreme sound that makes Rings a rare and cool band.
Dingir was only pressed at 550 copies total.  250 in Cosmic Blue and 300 in Green.
Pressed in 2013 it has never been re-pressed again and according to Rings it won’t. Seems they only do a 1x pressing of all their albums so far they have 5 full album releases Gidim is their latest. I have all their LP’s except for Lugal Ki En have that on CD. My favorite Rings album is their 4th Ultu Ulla.

That’s it for now I am adding these here as not just an archive for others to read but maybe a guide to help you find new bands to listen to. Some are old some are new but they all have 1 thing in common even if they are completely different styles they are all great albums and great bands.
Don’t just be stale and listen to what you know is good get out there find shit you never heard that is good.

Love sharing these not because I want to show them off and be cool but to share what I know is great music especially if extreme music is your thing.


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