11th year on my blog.

It’s been 11 years this month! Wow a lot has happened since starting my blog at first was just a place to talk about whatever I was into at that time to some personal shit.

But ultimately I wanted it to be an anything I want to post blog. A place about Tablets & Media Center PC’s and Os choices Kodi.  What it really has been more than anything is just in general home entertainment. From Tv’s to Turntables and anything in between even TV repairs or Tablet repairs.

Went with the family to St. Pete Florida where my oldest daughter lives to hit a bar where you throw axes at a target. Was really cool. I love being with my family I love them all so much. It’s almost sad the way I was before I had a family I wanted to be alone or thought I did. Now I couldn’t imagine anything else.

After my wife & I went to Daddy Kool records got some Vinyl then went to a little Ice Cream store called Urban Creamery they made waffle cones from scratch was some really good shit!
Was a great day with my wife and children and their significant others husband & girlfriend.

When I started this blog all my children were at home with me here ages 7, 9, 14, 15. Now all my daughters have moved out and my son has turned 18 in February.
How time flys.
It’s sad to see them go but I am very proud of all my children.
And my wife is awesome she has put up with some of the craziest shit from me I am really lucky Jenn is with me she is my life.
Hopefully I’ll be posting many more blog stuff for another 20 years.

Happy 11th:-)

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