Setting up the Samsung UBD-K8500 UltraHD Bluray Player “App redundancy”

Put in the order last week for the Samsung UHD Bluray Player along with 2- 4k BR movies.
The movies were supposed to arrive same day they did not. After the player arrived I just went to Best Buy and grabbed up a UltraHD Bluray that was on sale. “The Huntsman Winters War”
Get in door begin to unpack the player and connect to our home theater setup which consists of The TV and the Pioneer VSX-830-K Surround Sound receiver.
The receiver has a total of 6 HDMI ports only 3 of the 6 are being used. Figured simple stuff connect HDMI cable to Bluray player then put the other HDMI end into one of the free HDMI inputs on the Pioneer plug in Ethernet cord and power and off I go! But nope this wasn’t the case.
All I got was a black screen no picture or sound and what’s worse when the player was powered on the receiver would no longer allow any other components to work which did prior to connecting the new UHD BR Player. So now all components were black screened with no sound.
Unplug & power off the UHD BR player. Then power down and restart TV & receiver to get the other components back working again.
The player worked when plugged directly into the TV but I want it through the receiver for surround sound what is the point if this doesn’t work.

Into the Samsung’s UHD BR players menu to see what’s happening like FW updates and video settings.
Sure enough the player needed a FW update. This is quite normal usually all components that you get need Firmware updating.
Then decided better to check TV & receivers FW as well. They were both current no updates were available.
So after FW update I power down and hold the stop button on the player to set to manufacturers defaults.
Power on to try again, no fix same issue black screen no sound and now the receivers HDMI light is flashing red. When working properly the light should be solid red.
Now figure it must be my HDMI cables. Try Vizio made cables, LG, Monster & a few different brands still no fix.

In the Sound menu options in the Player I see you can select to use HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 on the player.
The Samsung UltraHD Bluray player has 2 HDMI ports. One for Video & audio then a 2nd HDMI port for audio only.
I then tried this HDMI Port 1 from Player directly to HDMI 2 Port on Tv separate from the receiver and then put HDMI cord in port 2 of the Samsung player and plugged into the receivers free HDMI 4 input for just handling the audio side of things. All I want is to get surround sound anyhow so if this works I’ll be okay with it.
And again no audio but I get video when HDMI cable goes directly to the TV.
Notice that the HDMI light on receiver is blinking red handshake issue I believe at this point.
In order to watch any 4k Bluray movies your Television and receiver must be HDCP 2.2 in order to view 4k content on disc.

I pack it up go to bed wake up 2 hours later try again with no luck. Wake up this morning try again but now I have troubleshot enough to know that the TV & the Player play well it’s the receiver that is not.
Read the manual it clearly says all HDMI ports are HDCP 2.2 compliant.
Still trying same shit just in different order I almost give up. I then say okay let’s hit the forums. Still notta. So I then download a new manual to see it’s revised and now in small letters in a brackets box at the bottom of the page it says VSX-1031 & 830 HDMI ports DVD/Bluray or HDMI 3 are the only ports that are HDCP 2.2 compliant.

So connect the audio HDMI cable to the DVD -HDMI port on the receiver and sure enough the damn thing works!
An updated damn manual!! Frustration at MAX!!

In an age where every flat screen television that is 26″ or larger is a smart TV.
I have to wonder why Samsung added their SmartOS into the UHD BR player.
All Samsung TV’s are smart what is with the redundancy? The player is not going to be bought by basic movie watchers. The Player requires a 4k TV that is HDCP 2.2 compliant why would they think they needed to add any apps to this device? Seems a waste to me.
Could of come up with other things to add in try to innovate make something new don’t just push latest tech with rehashed apps that are on every smart TV & media box available.

This wasn’t a $99 player. They were charging a premium price for it. So they felt they had to add something else to it why not regurgitated apps that are on every device we own!
It’s time to drop the SmartOS apps in component devices that don’t make sense we all don’t need Netflix and Hulu on every device connected to our home theater.
Come on! You make millions off latest tech you can’t get a team to come up with something that isn’t on every device already?
Have a menu with a browser and a app that allows you to download and view scenes that were cut and not included on the 4k Blu-ray in the drive.
Virtual tours on set or back stage. Anything other than the same apps we have on every device we buy. I’m sick & tired of seeing Netflix & Hulu in every damn TV & small media box there is.

Some people may want to wait a few player generation jumps before stepping into 4k Bluray.

Update 03/04/2017
If you want to watch true 4k then you will have to dish out the cash for a UHD player.
I recently watched my first 4K movie “Deadpool” It was filmed in 2k and processed to 4k from transfer.
Did it make a difference compared to 1080p? Absolutely even a conversion looked superb.
You can see every stitch and detail in Deadpool’s outfit and  the colors are unmatched to anything I’ve ever seen.
Everything is vibrant and bright and the blacks are deep.
I’ve watched Netflix UHD w/Deep color/HDR Also Amazons UHD and they are NOT true UHD you will not see true 4k unless you have a 4k Bluray player and 4k media.
Once you see it you will like.




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