Will be trying first 4k Bluray. Where 3d go?

Put in an order for only 2 UHD Blurays.
The Revenant & Deadpool both movies are different in every way.
Went ahead and purchased the Samsung UBD-K8500 4k Bluray player.
Got a great deal on it paid maybe $30 more than what you pay for a new standard 1080p Bluray player.
And will still play standard Blurays & 3d Blurays along with DVD’s. I only have maybe 10 DVD’s I have kept. They are Music/concerts and some rare horror films that were never released to Bluray.

Reason for Deadpool purchase is because Deadpool is awesome and I understand that the colors in this movie are excellent in 4k listed at #4 in top 4k Blurays to watch.
This movie was originally filmed in 2k so the movies transfer to 4k is an upconversion but they say it’s one of the best.

The Revenant This movie is very good and the interest in this is the filming of outdoors more earth like colors and has fast moving action as well. Was a toss up between this and the movie Lucy which was transfer sourced from a 4K digital intermediate another true 4k transfer but I didn’t like Lucy as much as The Revenant.
This Revenant was originally shot digitally at resolutions of up to 6.5K so this movie has plenty of room to play and is True 4K.
Very interested to see how this one turns out this was listed at #8 on the Best 4k Blurays to own or watch.

On to 3d movies the word being spoken at events like CES and others claimed that with the arrival of 4k that 3d was dead and would not be releasing any 4k movies in 3d.
Pretty disappointing for owners of UHD 3d televisions? Not really 3d is still fun sometimes and 1080p still looks fanfuckingtastic!
We have owned a few 3D TV’s and our latest TV has us back in 3d again and we still like it here and there but it’s not something you can watch all the time.
Active glasses will put you to sleep and make no mistake so does passive. Passive is better than active that way but it still exists in both technologies.

Back in 2015 info was leaked regarding 4k 3d on Bluray format.
The Blu-ray Disc Association finalized specs for the new line of 4k Bluray discs the specs say won’t be designed to transfer 3D in UHD resolution.
What they decided was to instead concentrate on 4k  media  will support much wider color gamuts , 10-bit color depth and some other features intended for best possible 4k experience.

This may seem like a bummer on the 3d side but I can see why they want to concentrate on 4k.
It’s a good thing really 3d is still out there it’s just not going to be in 4k. Hopefully they will release 4K movies with a standard 1080p 3d movie included in the box for movies that offered 3d in theaters.

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