4k UltraHD & Netflix is it true UHD?

I have had the UltraHD Netflix package for over a year now and have never really said much about it mostly because it really is nothing to talk about.
It offers 4k movies and some also have HDR and Dolby Vision available.
1st issue is not many of the movies available were shot in true 4k which means your basically getting a upconverted 1080p image.

2nd issue is the movies are compressed to all hell because the network bandwidth needed to stream true 4k video with Surround sound would make most peoples network dump or just watch a movie that is constantly buffering.
These 2 issues are enough to give you an idea of what your getting.
Sure some movies really look better than their 1080 counterparts but it’s a few and far between that do so.

So is paying $2-$3 extra dollars a month for UltraHD content to your Netflix bill worth it?
I’d say for some yes but for most probably not.

So what is 4k UHD good for? UltraHD Blurays that is the only way you will see true 4k content and your TV must support HDR or Deep Color or the difference between 4k and 1080p is negligible.
If your HD TV does not support  HDR then Deep color is another option this is also a improvement but again not all early model 4k TV’s support HDR or Deep color.

Now you have stepped into another costly component the UltraHD Bluray player.
Right now the cheapest UltaHD BR player you will find is the Samsung UBD-K8500 it is the 1st 4k player and sells new at Walmart for $247.36 it has dropped in price it was originally $399.
Or you can do what I did and go to Ebay to find the best deal you can.
Found a used one with no remote control and not in original box for $130.
I use a Harmony touch screen Universal remote control so the lack of remote is not an issue for me.
I’m sure any decent universal remote can be programmed to work on the UltraHD BR player you don’t need a $200 universal remote to program it.

The Samsung UBD-K8500 has gotten very good reviews but of course it will there is no other competition really out there to compare it to.


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