Picked up the LG OLED55C6P “2016” Model. How is it?

Went to Best Buy this afternoon and did TV shopping this time I had my sights on a OLED television.
It is a bit ridiculous I just bought the LG 60UF7700 a bit over a year ago.
But I’ve wanted a OLED TV since the very 1st one I saw on display at HH Gregg
Issue was back then they were 1st generation models that had issues with image retention and only had about 30,000 hours life span. And had an issue with the color Blue burning out before the red or green and cost $10,000. And were only pushing 350 nits bright.
Fast forward to 2016 and the issues have been rectified with models that are 2016 & 2017
They now have lifespans of 100,000 hours which is  more than most LCD/LED’s are rated also fixed issue with the Blue color burning out and are now brighter than most LCD-LED televisions with the exception of Samsung & Sony’s ultra high end LCD/LED models.
And I was able to talk the sales person to sell me the 55C6P model for $1,839.99.
I wanted the flat panel model which is the B6P which was same price but did not offer 3d I figured I prefer the extra options and rather have 3d than not so curved model it was.
Watched Star Wars The Force Awakens on Bluray today and the picture quality is just amazing. I’ve owned some nice Televisions but this TV has a picture quality I have never seen before the colors are just awesome and blacks are black and whites are white.


So the TV is smaller by less than 4″ compared to the model I had.
Was it worth the loss absolutely I have never seen a TV with picture quality like this! It really is amazing and the 3d is the best I’ve ever seen it is passive set.
I have owned 2 3d TV’s prior one passive and one Active 3d and not one of them compare this TV has pop shit really comes out of the screen.
My Samsung Active 3d was 2nd best and the Vizio Passive behind that.
Without the stand it weighs only 29.1 lbs. The TV is almost thin as paper since it does not require back lighting like LCD/LED models.
Due to it being OLED each pixel is it’s own source so it has virtually zero refresh rate.
During high action fast moving scenes there is little to no tearing at all. Which helps improve picture quality greatly. I had a Philips TV that was 2ms and it also was a great performer was one of the best sets.

The thickest part is on the bottom where the mainboard and power supply are located.
It does 4k also supports HDR-10 and Dolby Vision HDR as well right now only Netflix has support for Dolby Vision that I know of but to get the UHD programs it brings your monthly Netflix bill up by $2-$3 a month.. And is a 10 bit panel.
This TV has the latest LG software WebOS 3.0.
It virtually has no response time so motion is great and is why I thing 3d looks so good on it. Can catch things that move quickly and be viewable to the watcher.
The component & composite inputs are different than I am used to they plug into a head phone type jack.
3 USB, 1 RF In (Antenna/Cable), 1 Composite In, 1 (shared with composite) Component In, 1 Ethernet, 1 Optical, 1 RS232C (Mini Jack)
The Cpu has been upgraded from previous years models it now sports an ARM cortex-A-53 4-core CPU. Which handles the WebOS3.0.

Normally I have buyers remorse after a purchase like this but it’s such an awesome television it’s hard to be sad about it.

Update 03/07:   The first few generations of OLED did suffer from retention/burn-in.
I have did the 100 hours with settings at default and have now set colors and other advanced settings to calibrate. “Note: the TV already had 50 hours out of the box.”
My son has gamed and I spend a lot of time in Kodi menu’s updating and looking around for titles. Kodi has many static images very good to check burn-in factor on any TV.
As well as watching channels with logos and am happy to say I have not saw any retention what so ever.
Unlike my Plasma experience using a 15th gen panel. On the plasma I would get retention of the static logos from TNT after a short 15-30 minutes.
Also had a LCD panel that was susceptible to burn-in was a Sanyo model earlier model from 2005.
No TV’s are safe from burn-in as with the OLED panel if you abuse it and leave static images for long periods of time your going to see burn-in I don’t care if it’s a CRT,LCD or OLED.
The 2016 model I purchased was on display at Best Buy and yes it had terrible burn-in.
But keep in mind that Tv is a 2016 model I purchased it in 2017 so the model was on display showing the same image everyday over and over again for 11-12 hours a day 7 days a week for over 1 year.
Came out wrong I purchased the same model version NOT the display model it self.
I should of went into LG’s about settings. LG TV’s keep track of viewing hours and it can not be reset. Could of saw exactly how many hours the display TV had on it i’m willing to be over 10,000 hours. Next time I go in I am going to check it’s viewing time.
I did play with the store model panel and shut it down a few times and noticed as LG stated that the retention would go away. It did get better on each shut down I do believe that that TV was not permanently damaged. Would I of purchased the floor model NO.
But I am 100% comfortable in saying LG OLED’s latest generations are not easily susceptible to retention/burn-in.
I can not speak for Sony, Panasonic or Philips OLED televisions.

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