Last 5 weeks of Laserdisc Wednesday

Only reason I even keep Facebook up and running is for my Family, Wife & children to see what they have going on through the day. And to post the weekly Laserdisc movie.
I’ve closed out FB before but decided to keep for that reason. I find it to be intrusive and people/jobs/government can go back and use the things you may have said on FB against you.

That said here is the list of the latest 5 weeks of LD movies I have watched or my daughter and I have watched together.

#6-Posted on FB 07-06-16: 11:36aMy daughter Valerie picked today’s movie.
The Nutty Professor released to theater in 1996 is a remake of same name in 1963 starring Jerry Lewis.

Released to Laserdisc the same year by MCA/Universal.

Nutty Prof LD
Nutty Professor Laserdisc DTS version.

#7-Posted on FB 07-13-16:11:04  This week I pulled a horror classic off the shelf. This is the 1st time I have ever watched this movie on Laserdisc Evil Dead 2 Dead By Dawn. Evil Dead 2 brought comedy & horror together many horror/comedy movies and Television have appeared since.
Have watched it on Cable,VHS,DVD,Bluray and now on Laserdisc. I even watched the latest 25th anniversary edition Bluray which was a completely different print compared to 1st Bluray version.
And was surprised to find the Laserdisc version is the best version to watch. Sure the 25th anniversary Bluray edition is amazing but the clarity just ruins the movie. The LD version has a fantastic sharp picture it is perfect for this movies age.
The version I got a hold of is the limited edition Blood Red disc version with a misprint of 1976.
Read a review on the Red disc release complaint of speckling and gave a B rating for picture quality. What they know now is not all Laserdisc players could play the Red disc properly for some reason “was it the red dye?” I did not have speckling the picture quality is excellent.
Elite Entertainment handled LD release, Starz/AnchorBay handled the DVD/Bluray releases. Evil Dead 2 25th Anniversary edition was released by LionsGate.
When watching any Sam Raimi movie you will see the Evil Dead car in them. Even makes appearance in Spider-man ” Peter Parkers Uncle drives it”.

Movie was released to theaters on March 13th 1987. The Laserdisc version I watched today is the digitally mastered version released on 1/27/1999 now out of print.
I can still sit and watch this whole movie through I love this film!
Still loved by many check out
Now that the series is out makes the Evil Dead movies great to go back and watch again.

“Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 premieres on Sept. 23rd”
Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Blu-ray Metalpak releases on 08/23/2016 $42!

Evil Dead LD
Evil Dead rare Red Disc first 1500 manufactured were pressed with red Dye.

#8-Posted on FB 07-21-16: 1:31p Late post LD Wednesday.
X-Files the original movie it is. Notice: Original 1st release is not named The XFiles Fight the future.
DVD Release name change: Released in all sound formats Standard, AC3 & DTS each version sold separately.

Released to theaters on June 19th 1998 the Laserdisc and VCR versions were released the same year.
The film made its first appearance on DVD on January 24, 2000 in Region 2 and in early 2001 in Region 1.

X-Files Original LD print. DTS version
XFiles FFF DVD cover
This is the X-Files Movie DVD cover with name change from X-Files to X-Files Fight The Future.

#9-Posted on FB 07-27-16: 4:45p
This week picked classic comedy whodunit?! Murder By Death.
The cast is an ensemble of British and American actors playing send-ups of well-known fictional sleuths, including Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, Charlie Chan, Nick and Nora Charles, and Sam Spade.
Released to Theater June 26th 1976>
Laserdisc release is dated 1979 long before digital audio couldn’t get sound to work at all through optical cable had to go old skool composite to TV.
Great movie loved this as a kid.

Murder By Death
Murder By Death Non-Digital sound track.

Posted on FB: 10-08-03-16: 8:38p

Last Action Hero. Released to theaters on June 18th 1993 was a summer blockbuster. Remember going to see this at the Holiday drive in theater.
Movie had quite a few Cameo appearances Sharon Stone and Robert Patrick appear outside the front door as Catherine Tramell (from Basic Instinct) and the T-1000 (from Terminator 2: Judgment Day) And Stone was his wife in the movie Total Recall.
Sylvester Stallone as the Terminator on a poster promoting Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Inside the video store. LOL Video stores. What’s a video store?
Maria Shriver, Little Richard, Entertainment Tonight host Leeza Gibbons, James Belushi (who starred with Schwarzenegger in Red Heat), Damon Wayans, Chevy Chase, Nicolas Cage at the counter when Jack asks where he is sitting, Timothy Dalton (James Bond at that time) and Jean-Claude Van Damme.
Danny DeVito did voice of Whiskers the animated cat in the precinct and there are quite a few others . Should mention Art Carney who played Slaters uncle Frank.
Last Action Hero was first to use Sony’s SDDS (Sony Dynamic Sound) as with most of Sony’s products it was CRAP! Even Sony LD’s are prone to Laser rot. Sony did get Playstation right and Bluray. So many issues with this Sony tech. Paramount called SDDS “Still Doesn’t DO SHIT!”

Is a multi disc Laserdisc requires 2-flips and a disc swap out. Laserdisc version was released late 93 or early 1994. Laserdisc was the only version to present Last action Hero in it’s original widescreen format until the January 2010 Bluray release.

Last Action Hero LD
Last Action Hero LD Original Theatrical.






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