Cutting the Cord update

Back on May 8th this year I posted on mounting our antenna to get free over the air television.
In that post I covered the mounting and what channels I was able to pull from over the air.
This post is not about that.

While the antenna was mounted and working our cable television access stayed active until late June.
Not sure on exact date know it’s been a few weeks now with no cable TV access only the Antenna and Internet access.
I was all for getting the antenna up and pulling in free TV but letting go of cable was a little harder than I expected. First I said we will see how it goes during bad weather.
Some pretty bad weather came our way and no issue at all with reception. Then it was how much am I really saving here? Then next excuse was I can’t let go of my HDHomerun TV Tuner Cable card boxes.
I had been so programmed over the years to think the only way to watch TV was to have cable I kept making excuses to keep it on.
Even read the interwebs to see what others were saying about cord cutting and found there were people making the same excuses I had been making even main question how much am I really saving?

It then hit me it’s going to be saving over $120 a month even if it would of ended up only saving $40 or $50 a month by cutting cable package down why give that to the cable company when the stuff I watch regularly can be had for absolutely free! Why give them $50 a month? Why give them even $5 a month they have been sucking the public dry for years with no real competition. It became clear all the years of cable pushing their BS that the only way to get clear TV and more channels was to have cable.
Little did they know technology changed this and the internet they were charging people for was slowly killing their cable television services. And with the change to Digital OTA signals that not only are better quality HD but you only have to buy an antenna has officially made cable TV the outdated service.
I can’t praise the antenna enough the picture quality we get is far superior so many times I am watching TV thinking it’s a HD channel and it’s regular 480i resolution.
The HD channels are so much better there is no comparison even to cables best HD channels. I’ve had Fios and Bright House neither are close.

Ended up just buying the new HDhomerun OTA tuners that were ATSC compatible to make sure all rooms got TV and we could still DVR/PVR our regularly watched programs. Gave Bright House the call to disconnect our cable TV service and home phone service but kept our internet service with exception of cutting the bandwidth package we had in half to 100mbps.

2 weeks in and I have not missed cable even in the slightest. It’s funny because I really thought it would be missed.

While I don’t miss cable I will admit I like TNT,TBS & ID channel. Luckily there are ways to watch these channels absolutely free .




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