PC games I have been into

With the new Denuvo Anti-Tamper used on PC games of late Rise of The Tomb Raider, Quantum Break, Gears Of War Ultimate Edition, Doom and a few others and more to come.
The days of downloading a game to try it first are over.
Developers no longer or rarely release any demo’s to try before you buy.

Reading reviews are only little help since everyone has their own preferences a game that one person give 5 out of 5 another may only see it as a 2 out of 5 this is why reviews are only a little help.
Only real help a review will give is if there are hardware performance issues and noticeable programming issues on release that need patching. And that’s if the site reviewing the title bothers to even mention any of those type issues.

Purchased Tomb Raider did a lot of googling to get it on release date for about $32 instead of the standard $59.99 tag they all go for these days digital or not. Only played to 40% marker and have not played for weeks.

As strongly as I was against anyone buying the new Gears Of War Ultimate I did end up buying it only because I got a $19.99 email rebate for M$ so went ahead and paid for it in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. This game is a Win 10 only game.
This game was just a wreck of a release major performance issues on any gaming rig there was.
Released on March 1st wasn’t properly working until patch which released on 7/1 4 months later it can now be played at maximum detail 4k textures and resolution.
Still on Act 1 just got to the Berserker.

Batman Arkham Knight Loved this franchise also had major mind blowing issues on release missing textures and animations along with poor performance on Nvidia & ATI cards and the list goes on for so long i’d have to dedicate a whole 2 pages to it. This game was so bad on release date they actually pulled it off the shelves and all the normal digital download places. I was not fair on Batman I really did not have any of the huge release issues most had I did play it a little but I haven’t since.

Quantum Break released as a Win 10 only title as well at a price tag $59.99 I Ebayed it recently bought a M$ Store code for $35.
Again this game had issues quite a few at release date and minimal as of recently. Only issue left was no Ultra Wide screen support! No 21:9 support it’s 2016 this is not a rare screen ratio any longer wake developers!
Only owned the game for about 3 days and on 6/30 released patch which fixed the Ultra wide screen and resolution support.
Since this game is new to my library I have only dropped a few hours in but I do like it. Different and looks pretty amazing. Hooked up to my 4k TV and this game @ max detail & 4k resolution looks so good it almost looks like a TV show.

Point is review or no review most PC releases today are riddled with issues on release date.
And with no demo it makes PC gaming a little sad.
I really want to try the new Doom but as of late I have dumped a lot of cash on games that had more issues and were not worth what I paid. Except for Tomb Raider & Quantum Break.


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