Pioneer CLD-D606 Laserdisc player

Have wanted a new Laserdisc player for a few years now. When I say new means new considering the date LD players were no longer being manufactured which was in 2001 here in the states.
I have been using the Pioneer CLD-v2400 for the last 4-5 years manufactured in 1994. This is a solid LD player it has never given me any issues playing Laserdiscs.
The v2400 is an educational model used in schools and companies for training and orientations.
The model can be connected to computers it really is not a home theater model. From what I understand is any LD player that has a “V” in the model number is an industrial player.
It offers no toslink/optical or RF-3 outputs for digital tracks. Which means no surround sound except simulated if you have a surround receiver that is current then it will simulate surround sound.
Simulated surround does not come close to pure digital surround tracks.

While it’s not a home theater Laserdisc player it is a solid work horse and will play LD movies for years to come.
It doesn’t offer dual sided play which is kind of a good thing really it eliminates a future break down.
Having to flip the disc to side 2 manually after an hour is not all that bad.
Downside is video quality is not so great compared to newer models or even higher end older models for that matter.
Laserdisc is a composite player so it will look best on newer LCD,OLED,LED plugged into a composite video input and let the televisions built in comb-filter handle the quality.
They do also have S-video outputs as well this should be used if you have an older TV and the Laserdiscs hardware filter is better than the televisions.

Laserdisc sound can be confusing since DTS and Dolby Digital use different outputs to listen to the audio tracks.
If you have Laserdisc movies that are Dolby surround and have Laserdiscs that have DTS sound. You would need a Laserdisc player that has all the correct outputs.
Toslink/Optical for DTS surround and a RF-3 out for Dolby surround.
Most current surround receivers today will have Toslink/Optical inputs to decode the DTS surround track.
As for the Dolby Surround track that would require a receiver that has a RF3-AC3 input that demodulates the Dolby track on the Laserdisc. Only the very expensive models today will have that and not all will since it is no longer used with DVD or Blu-ray.
so to listen to the Dolby surround on Laserdiscs you would also need a dedicated RF-3/AC3 Demodulator.
These start at $200 and go up to $2,000.
Pioneer did this to keep LD current with technology and also to allow people with older players that didn’t have the outputs for digital to be able to still play the Laserdiscs.
Think of it like the old school modems we used in our computers to get internet.
The Dolby Surround track is in the analog track on the Laserdisc. So people with old players that don’t have digital outputs will see and play the analog sound track. People with the proper hardware would be able to listen in crisp Dolby Surround.
The Digital surround tracks on Laserdisc absolutely blows DVD Surround tracks out of the sound pool completely. LD surround is much better than DVD surround. As far as Blu-ray surround it is far more superior than either the DVD or LD. DTS-HD Master is insane I really can’t wait to listen to the newer DTS-X or Dolby Atos.
LD also still has hard to get cuts that are not available on DVD or Bu-ray. Laserdisc is old but it really is not dead. Not yet anyway…

Pioneer CLD-D606
This player is the newer refurb I purchased recently. It has multiple video outputs, Toslink/Optical out, RF-3 Out and standard R/L sound out. Dual side play so don’t have to manually flip the disc any more. This is a good and bad thing in my opinion I could do without this option personally.
Has much better video quality due to the fact this player is for a home theater.
It only plays Laserdiscs and CD’s it does not play DVD or any other format like CD+G.
And has separate drawers for LD and CD which is kind of nice but i’ll never use it as a CD player.


Audio Performance Features

  • Low-Noise / Low-Loss Laser Pickup
  • 1-Bit DLC D/A Converter
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 115 dB

Convenience Features

  • Independent CD Tray
  • Film Mode with Quick Turn Mechanism
  • Remote Control with Shuttle Control
  • 7 Mode Repeat
  • Multi-Speed Playback (Forward / Reverse, 4 steps) – CAV / CLV / CDV
  • Still / Step (Forward / Reverse) – CAV / CLV / CDV
  • 24-Step Programmed Playback
  • Random Play
  • Hi-Lite / Intro Scan
  • Last Memory
  • Picture Control

Video Performance Features

  • Digital Video Processing System
  • 3-Line Digital Comb Filter
  • Video Signal to Noise Ratio: 50 dB
  • 8-Bit Digital Field Memory – Allows Special Playback Functions


  • AC-3 RF Output
  • 2 S-Video Outputs
  • 2 Composite Video Outputs
  • 2 Composite Audio Outputs
  • Optical Digital Output
  • Pioneer SR In/Out Connection for System Integration

Update 06/21/16
Unfortunately the LD player I got was junk and non-working when it arrived via USPS.
I really don’t know if seller pulled a insurance scam or was dumb enough to ship the player not marked as fragile.
The box it was packed in was absolute crap can tell it had been used before it held the Laserdisc player.
I did not give a bad reputation review because I can’t be sure he purposely shipped a broken unit either as insurance scam or did not like the final bid so shipped a identical player that was non-functional in it’s place.

It worked out I purchased another Laserdisc player from another seller for $20 less and it works great.
Much of an improvement over my old Pioneer CLD-V2400 model. Ended up getting a Pioneer CLD-1090 some say they do not like this player but it gets a fairly sharp picture and can play back Laserdiscs that have DTS sound tracks.
Picture quality is better than my old one for sure it gets a much sharper picture andsound is better as well since it has Toslink/Optical output..
It plays one of my majorly Laser rotted LD’s I know What you did Last Summer without issue my old player can not play this disc but for the first 30 minutes.
Pioneer CLD-1090 is on Top. Silver unit is the HTPC not related to LD player just in the picture.

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