Space Ace & Dragon’s Lair Arcade LD’s

These games are true classics they were absolutely amazing in the 1980’s era.
In that time frame games were sprites and Atari 2600 was the home video game system that was in most American’s homes. And let’s not forget Pong 😉
Dragon’s Lair was 100% animation by Don Bluth who at the time was the animator for Disney.

The game used what we call today “Quick Time Events” make one mistake and bleep you die and start from last fail point.
While you did not have 100% control of the hero you did make those QT clicks to progress through the game. Very challenging and let’s face it this was the best looking video game anyone ever laid their eyes on.

To find a working arcade of these types today are hard to come by.
They used Laserdisc technology which was the only format that could handle this at the time.
there are players out there that can play the discs or you can purchase boards to upgrade the Laserdisc player you have. Boards are called Laser ace or Lasercon conversion cards.

To purchase a Dragon’s Lair or Space Ace Laserdisc today is hard to come by and if you do they are costly.
Found Space Ace on Ebay today for $425.00.

There are many different releases for these today PC, DVD and every console in existence.
Or can download the ISO’s of the games and use Daphne emulator to play on your PC.

The biggest surprise I saw was Super Nintendo’s fine release of Space Ace. Seriously I can not know what the top turds at Nintendo were thinking!

Here are screen shots of Space Ace Arcade,PC, Xbox-Xbox360, PS-PS2 and even classic Sega CD.


Super Nintendo:

Seriously WTF were they thinking when they released this POS?
Worse who was the sorry sap that would proudly say they coded this fine game?

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