HD Radio Thoughts

The HD radio tuner arrived today via USPS.
It has 3 inputs one is a audio component jacks left & right. The other 2 are AM & FM inputs.
The FM input is a cable jack known as F-Type female same end that you use to screw in cable cord on back of cable box. AM antenna terminal is the classic  Speaker Terminal Connector  type input.
Where is the optical out? My 5 year old CD carousel even has one.

It is black rack type component for a home theater system. It has a LCD panel on the front almost 3 inches long and 1 and a half inches wide. Lighted Blue very bright even stays lit when powered off showing the time. I personally do not like how bright it is when it is off.
The make and model is the Sangean HDT-1.

Connected the tuner to my HDTV antenna for HD FM/FM signal. As of now I am using an indoor AM antenna to get HD AM/AM signals.
I do intend to put up another antenna for the tuner that will handle the AM/FM signals.
Already have my eye on one I like.

I can not comment on HD AM quality since the indoor antenna sucks and I get absolutely 0 HD Am channels.

As for FM I am pulling right about 20 HD channels I am just guessing this number. I just know it’s quite a few since with digital you get multicasting. So 1 channel may have 4 different things going on.
The difference in sound quality between standard FM and HD FM are quite large.
HD FM really does sound fantastic.
If for some reason you lose signal it will revert to analog automatically so no break in what your listening too. Will just notice sound quality change which is quite a big difference.
I have noticed a lot of the channels broadcasting digitally aren’t putting out Song names or even basic channel logos.
Quite a few do this but surprised that they all don’t.

The tuner used to sell for $199 at Best Buy now prices have inflated and I have seen people asking as much as $300 for this tuner.
I got lucky and got an open box deal with no remote for $69.97.
And the truth is I am happy I did not spend more than that.
If you listen to music a whole lot and like listening to radio get an HD tuner the sound quality is really that much better.
I’m no audiophile by any means so to me it makes a huge difference.
Me I really don’t listen to enough radio to see spending any more than I did for this hardware.
If your like me and like radio once in awhile and want quality sound get one but don’t spend more than $99 for it.

Since it’s not a pay for service to get the HD Signals it makes it only a little more attractive.
It’s not commercial free like satellite radio if this is what your expecting then you will be disappointed.
It’s the same channels you always get with much better sound quality. With the exception of multicasting which will give you channels you can not get on standard FM transmission. And there are HD only channels as well that are not broadcasted on standard FM signal.

More listening options never hurt anyone.


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