Laserdisc Wednesday

Every Wednesday I’m going to watch a Laserdisc movie from my collection.
Some I have watched others I did not.
I watch all my Laserdiscs on the Pioneer CLD-V2400 not the best LD player on the market at all. But it plays them. I use an adapter to up-convert the picture to 1080p. One day will upgrade my Laserdisc player that will have AC3rf and a demodulator to listen in true digital surround sound.

This week I chose The X-Files season 1 episodes 1 & 2.
The X-Files LD’s I own are only part of season 1 these are very rare & very expensive Laserdiscs to get ahold of. They were printed and manufactured in Japan. I have the first 6 discs each disc contains 2 episodes which equals half of the 1st season.
I have searched for the second half of season 1 with no success. Even if I find the second half spending anywhere from $300-$400 will be a tough decision to make.
Japanese subtitles are hard coded into the videos. They are not overly large or distracting in any way.

Comes in a cool box with a nice booklet with some info on the episodes and characters. All are in Japanese so I don’t have a clue what it says:-)
My Laserdisc player is as much a part of my home theater system as my HTPC and PlayStation 3 Bluray player. So I include this fine piece of technology in my blog with pride.


2 thoughts on “Laserdisc Wednesday

    1. Yes, I originally posted LD Wednesday but never posted the weekly movie here. SO went ahead and added the 4-5 weeks I did not post on here. Don’t need a moderator but thanks for the not so heads up.


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