Tuners/Hdhomerun & Cable/Internet Providers

Silicondust whom produces television tuners for OTA and cable cards have a kick starter page for their DVR software. This Kick start actually started quite some time ago and so far with no end in sight for a consumer release.

You can go ahead and pledge $60 and get early access to the DVR software which is not fully completed.
Was supposed to get regular updates. While there has been updates they are few and far in between.
Silicondust has stated they will not implement a grid guide even in final version.  Right now the guide is listed in boxes and under Movies, Television and sports. go to sports and will show every sports game on every channel at that time. This is how it works:-(
To me this is not a great way to record future shows easily. They seriously need to reconsider. It’s okay to dare to be different but pick and choose the right things.

At this time finding a Hdhomerun Connect box will be slim.
The Connect model has been re-done fanless in a metal casing. So the older models at this time have been sold out and not restocked due to the newer model coming.

On to the Frontier Verizon take over.

Sadly Verizon dropped the ball on accounts so people with Verizon in Florida, California & Texas are shit out of luck.
I’m sure Frontier will get the customer accounts fixed as quickly as possible.
Reports are out people are jumping ship over to Brighthouse. Well not a great idea i’d hold off on that jump for now. Here is why..

Brighthouse customers keep happy faces for now but be prepared because a buy out is happening to us as well in the next 4-6 months.
Brighthouse execs say the issues going on at Verizon/Frontier buy out won’t happen to their customers. I’m sure they will say whatever they have to to keep current customers at bay.

Charter purchased Brighthouse for $10B.
Charter is already established in Missouri, California, Texas and elsewhere. Now, the company is moving in to Florida.

These buy outs also pose other possible issues for cable card users.
Will there be a change in the line up and also will there be more channels that use DRM compared to the very few used now both on Verizon and Brighthouse service.

While I have not read any reports it’s still very early in the flip out process being done over at Frontier.
Maybe my move to hang a antenna came at the right time. Cutting the cable cord may be the best option available here soon.
Or things could take a turn for the better regarding cable service after the take overs are completed.


What’s more likely things will stay the same.

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