Playstation 4 Uncharted 4 10 days and a wake up

UPDATE: Went to midnight release at Gamestop in front of Walmart in Port Richey, Florida. Uncharted is Unleashed!

I prefer posting about HTPC’s and stuff relating to them.
But the release of Uncharted 4 is news to post about. This is the 5th game of the series and the very 1st of the series to be made exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Uncharted 1-3 HD versions were released for the PS 4 back on October 7th 2015 titled The Nathan Drake Collection.
And then the Sony Vita hand held Uncharted release Golden Abyss. Which was also a new story and game exclusively for it’s PS Vita release.

Not many games turn my head but the Uncharted series does and has since I first played the original on the PlayStation 3 bundle I purchased about 2 years after the PlayStation 3 was released. I waited on this purchase since Sony had been a huge disappointment to me with regards to the PlayStation 2 release. They lied about the PlayStation 2’s capabilities and The PlayStation 3 was a huge surprise to me. It was everything they said it would be.
Fast forward to the PlayStation Vita and again Sony lied about it’s capabilities.
I so love the Uncharted series I still purchased the terrible hand held just so I could play Uncharted: Golden Abyss.
If you like Tomb Raider series at least the good ones that released then Uncharted will be welcomed greatly. Because to me it’s everything Tomb Raider failed to accomplish it is the better game by far. Even Tomb Raider’s best releases don’t touch any of the Uncharted titles with the exception of Golden Abyss.
They are 2 different games and should be judged separately but truth is it’s hard not to.

May 10th is release date so 10 days and a wake up!
Uncharted 4 is developed by Naughty Dog.

Nathan now looks a bit older. Just rendered better.



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