HD Antenna

Went ahead and ordered a HD Antenna to install. Will try and create some videos and take some pictures when installing.
This will be my first time installing an antenna. I have installed a few Direct TV dishes years ago so this will be a great way to know if a 1st time installer can do it without to much difficulty. Hopefully:-)
Maybe this will help others decide that are not sure of going with an antenna maybe thinking they are hard to install or the picture and sound quality may not be as good as cable or satellite.
Using an antenna alone will not cut it unless all you watch is locals. Bottom line you will need internet service to get TV shows and movies that are not going to be on local channels.

I went ahead and ordered an outdoor antenna: Support full 360°rotation using the infrared remote controller included in the package

  • Gain 20-28db – Channel: VHF1-12 UHF21-69
  • ” Installation Kit Includes: Coaxial Cable – 50 feet, (25) Cable Clips, (20) Cable Safety Ties “
  • Solid construction with water-proof capability.
  • Reception Range: up to 125 miles

    HD Antenna
    OTA Antenna HD/VHF/UHF

    Just have to make a few small purchases after I get the antenna.
    Need the J-Pole like is used with Satellite dishes. “Decided to go with a 40 ft pole instead of the J-Pole”
    Most importantly need to purchase a Coaxial Broadband In-Line Surge Suppressor.

    Went ahead and did a check on what channels I could possibly receive at TV FOOL.
    Got this listing using approximate height my antenna will be installed at. Estimated height would be between 16-18 ft. With using a pole that will be 35ft from ground it did not change any listing of channels that TV Fool pulled.

    Local channel listing OTA
    OTA Local signal. Antenna at an estimated height.


    After install will also note cost of all items along with time it took to setup & install.
    Hopefully this week or next weather will be nice and will have installation completed.

    Going to try and win a bid on a HDHomerun dual Tuner for OTA signals.
    See if I can setup 2- HDHomerun Prime along with the HDHomerun Dual OTA Tuner in Kodi and be able to successfully record on same guide using different tuners.
    Do not want to spend much for this so it’s a long shot. Did not get the latest HDHomerun Connect tuners which are better than the one I am bidding on.
    Is an older model HDHR3 (Discontinued) Replaced by the better model HDHomerun Connect.
    If I do not win I will then use the USB Tuner I already own. The KWorld KW-UB445-U2 Hybrid TV Stick.

Will be nice if I do win the bid on Hdhomerun OTA dual tuners will end up paying less for the dual tuner Hdhomerun than I paid for the USB OTA single tuner.

And plan to split line at box to use as a FM antenna as well. At a radius of up to 125 miles around figure I should get channels from Orlando, Gainesville and possibly Ft Myers  .
Will be cool to see what radio stations I will be able to pull. Thinking Myers may be 20-40 miles out of range.

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