Kodi skin Phenomenal

Introducing PHENOMENAL! 
I installed this skin on my daughters HTPC in her bedroom yesterday.
She had been using the default Confluence skin for the last 2 years or so. I wanted something new and easy to navigate for her. And mostly wanted something more catchy something a 17 year old would enjoy looking at and using.

The skin is pretty awesome I am considering changing my living room HTPC skin out for this one. At this time I’m using the Eminence 2.0 which is a awesome skin.
My daughter hasn’t praised the skin but she also hasn’t complained which means the change out was a success!

It’s a nice clean skin that also looks kick ass. Just a perfect mix.
And can easily link the HDHomerun View app to the Live TV logo in the bottom bar in the skin. Like that don’t have to remove the built in LiveTV icon to replace it.

LiveTV icon stays!
HDHomerun play
HDHomerun in action 😉

Some screens I took while it was in use on my daughters 32″ HD television in her bedroom.
TV went from never used to being used sometimes.

In Kodi using the Phenomenal skin. Bottom of screen is the icons for different selections. Weather it be music ,movies or television.
Music add-ons were selected. This is for watching music videos or just playing any kind of music you like . Includes Radio stations as well.
She chose the Biebs:-(

If your tired of the same old skin you may have been using for the last few years or if you are new to the whole HTPC thing.
Give this skin a try it is clean and has plenty of options to customize the way you like.



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