PC Gaming screen shots. It’s Personal

Posting some of my favorite screens of games I very much enjoy playing or have finished playing.
Something about PC gaming that consoles just can’t touch.
Ryse Son Of Rome:EFCEE2A6CF8B1DF82E432A1F34A33C3751D721B5 (1920×1080)
5D2B0C8A3A7D1912431E8769C310087B7D8B1740 (1920×1080)
D6C3263AD26D9226C237E17AF37B08F19C80DEFF (1920×1080)
Rise Of The Tomb Raider:
Batman Arkham Knight:
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier:
489CB7DBD50DF5DC8BE65DFFD21EBA23C4F1AF9D (1920×1080)
Max Payne 3:
FE5848EBE8C2BC15659A2350AC2EFF1226893C27 (1920×1080)
5780665A4BEDABAA70D3CD416925E55334864956 (1920×1080)
04A587897F93F907B7AA17FB1856A5062E86CA58 (1920×1080)
C455F4F4206E31DD2ADE12B1AED20D7DAEF3B4A5 (1920×1080)
Crysis 2:
44E6CD885C9D0CB303819A1D71ED56F1BB1FA378 (1920×1080)
E0910EE8FD75D208DA12606C25C4D32181EE7B86 (1920×1080)
770F590C556E2BA9517553704B6BFC32DF1EA513 (1920×1080)
BF5921A9D96B8829AF343F0F38EBDEDC67AA615E (640×360)
EF2F664A0E288E5A4A1DF040BED5717700DD6435 (1920×1080)
Gears Of War Ultimate Edition PC:
Screenshot (2)
Screenshot (3)
Screenshot (1)

As much as I look forward to PlayStation 4’s Uncharted 4 release I still love playing on a personal computer above all.

It’s not just because the better graphics a PC can do or higher resolutions. Or the fact can play games above 60 frames per second.
Mostly it’s because when your playing on a PC it is a personal experience that just isn’t there on consoles.

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