Windows Media Center/KODI Remote

Not to be mistaken for a universal remote control.
Not everyone is willing to spend $65 or more on a remote.
But the remote I will be talking about is strictly for a Windows Media Center or KODI media center box. It is only intended for use with a HTPC. It’s not a universal remote.

I’m talking about the HP OEM Windows Media Center HTPC MCE PC RC6 IR Remote Control.

It’s not so much the remote that is so special it’s the  USB Infrared Receiver that is the real winner here.
And if you do decide on a kick ass Universal remote control later on this fine receiver will be just as kick ass on the Universal remote as it is with it’s default HP remote that comes with it.

HP Receiver box
The HP IR Receiver box.

The receiver box is a bit on the large side but can easily be tucked under a shelf or next to a component.
The upside to this box is you can pretty much point your remote anywhere and this box will pick up the command.
Biggest issue I have with any remote is when I have to point the remote right at the device it’s intended to control.
I think most people don’t like this issue one bit.

While it’s now a discontinued item. Does not mean it should be avoided as a matter a fact it really means pick up one or 2 or 4 before they can no longer be found on any retail site.

I used this remote on my living room HTPC before moving to the Harmony 1100. But I own 2 of them and still use them in my bedrooms for the HTPC boxes that are in them.
Can purchase the Remote and receiver for around $20 new and around $10 used if your okay with used items.
Here is a link to purchase them.

Out of the box they control both Windows Media Center and KODI.
KODI needs very few tweaks on remote for full control. But out of the box it controls 99% of KODI.
HP MCE remote control

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