The Harmony 1100 Universal Remote Control

Ordered the Harmony 1100 universal remote used on Ebay. It is a discontinued model like it’s sister remote The Logitech Harmony 1000. The 1000 came in the color silver and is basically same size as the 1100 but lacked a few features.
It came in the box with everything still wrapped in plastic except for the remote it self.
Has no exterior damage or scratches on the LCD screen. Is in amazing shape!
It did not have the USB cable included which was not an issue. Uses the older USB cell phone charge end.
Harmony USB cbale endjpg
When it was originally released sometime between 2009-2011 it retailed for $499.

Our living room setup uses a total of 8 devices 6 used regularly. Television: LG 60UF7700 UHD Smart TV, Pioneer Surround Receiver VSX830, Pioneer Laserdisc player CLD-V2400HTPC Using HP Media center IR, Cablebox: Samsung SMT-H4372, Sony Carousel CD player CDP- CX355, Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 3.   I listed the make models of hardware only to show that the Harmony 1100 programs latest models and old without any issues.

Programming this remote was very simple just follow the on screen prompts and you will be up and running without issues.
The only Device I have not got working is the Laserdisc player. It does not mean it will never work just means I have to drop some more time into it. Can download the 1000 software drivers here. Download 1100 drivers here.
Always right click on installer and run as administrator on Windows 7-Windows 10. I am using Logitech software revision  v7.x.

After installing software plug USB cable into the remote control and HTPC and click on setup devices or add devices.
Can also add favorite channels with network logo’s after setting up all your devices which is great. Can download all the network logo’s you need from .  Make sure to select the Harmony remote you have for selecting proper icons. Web page has them for Elite Ultimate-1100 and also for Nevo/XSight & TouchSquid. As well as region:-)

The 1100 is bigger than a standard remote control and square but not overly large to where it’s not comfortable. It’s fairly thin and I personally love that you can customize it to your liking.
You do have to look down at the remote to use the touch screen which may annoy some people if this is the case then  you would want something like the Harmony Ultimate One which has the color LCD panel and is shaped like a standard remote control.

I absolutely love this remote it controls my TV, HTPC, Receiver  & cable box without problems.
If your willing to risk spending anywhere from $100-$150 for a used remote then I whole heartedly suggest it.


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