Remote Controls

Reaching to change channels on the cable box or switch devices in our living room is sometimes out right annoying. Have 7-8 different remotes to look at when just adjusting the volume.
This has led me to decide it is time to get a solid universal remote control that can program more than 6 devices.

We have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 which has built in IR. Installing the app SURE which is free in Google Store allows you to program many devices. And while it does work it lacks the refine an actual remote control has. Most notably it’s size a 8″ remote really is not handy;-)
This tablet has been around a few years and can be purchased for around $90 and probably less on Ebay. If an 8″ remote doesn’t bother you $90-$100 for a remote that can program near unlimited devices is a great deal.
But there are great universal remotes from Logitech that start at $49 that can program from 5 devices and up depending on the model.

The average living room has a minimum of 3 devices Television, cable box, Bluray/DVD player. If this is all you will ever use in your living room then a standard universal remote will do. Since this page is about using a HTPC then chances are you have more than 3 devices that need a single remote control and need one to control your media center software like Kodi.
For me finding a universal that can still program a Laserdisc player has been a challenge.
The SURE app so far is the only app I have found to work.
And from looking so does the Logitech Harmony remotes from 650 model and up.

Logitech Harmony Universal Remotes:
Harmony 1000 (Discontinued by manufacturer) used starts at $90 Ebay. Replaces up to 15 separate remotes.
Harmony 1100  new starts at $250 Ebay. Replaces up to 15 remotes.

Harmony Elite New starts at $349.
Harmony Companion New starts at $149
Harmony Ultimate One New starts at $249
Harmony 650 New starts at $69 Lists 8 but reviews state 5.
Harmony 350 New starts at $49 up to 5 remotes

I have pushed this off for a long time now. Really did not want to spend money on a remote control especially if it would cost me a $100.
But looking at my coffee table in living room would convince anyone to just do it!
And there are 1-2 remotes that aren’t on top of the table.


Update 03/07/2016

After much reading and shopping around decided to go ahead and get the Logitech Harmony 1100. Was leaning towards the 1000 model but reviews said go for 1100 and I did.
Also was considering the Harmony Ultimate One this remote is a normal shaped remote control with the difference of a touch screen LCD panel.
But the price of the 1100 was less than the Harmony Ultimate One which left me with the simple choice. CHEAPER:-)

It seems like a hell of a remote with custom configuration.
Plus who doesn’t like a color touch screen? That supports TV icons!
Spending a $100 on a remote control wasn’t taken lightly. Took me 4-5 years of sifting through 7-8 remotes on the coffee table to finally decide on this.
That said the Universal Remote was retailed new for $499 back in 2010 or 2011 so getting at a $100 in the box with all paperwork and parts was a no brainer. Even if it’s discontinued by manufacturer.

My only concern about getting a LCD remote is everyone drops their remotes. Have seen posts stating drops haven’t cracked their screens. But it’s an LCD screen they crack eventually.
Harmony 1100

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