Ordered New HTPC case

HTPCHTPC caseThe case I was looking at happens to be out of manufacturing. Leaving me with few options which was Amazon or Ebay.
I do not like Ebay much at all for my own reasons.
But the case I wanted the Antec Veris Fusion Media Center at Amazon was about $200 after shipping costs and used.
So went to the enemy site Ebay to find the 430watt case new for $66.43 shipped.
To much amazement I won the bid which turned out very easy. I was the only bidder:-)

Has built in IR and a VFD display not the LCD version they did vary in specs when they were being sold.
(Ended up with the case that has the LCD panel not the VFD which it should have been the VFD for the color and build.)
What made me like this case is that it looks like a component and really like the volume knob which I know will rarely be used if ever.

If I remember will setup camera and record build for others to watch if they have never built a HTPC.




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