Kodi underfire by likes of uninformed Amazon.

Kodi does NOT endorse or include applications / addons that enable piracy driven 3rd party apps that facilitate the links to watch-stream unreleased/Pirated movies on their software.

Kodi/XBMC has and always will be software that is a media player only A awesome open share your movie nights among not just multiple rooms on HTPC cases but for also watching your favorite recorded shows on any devices such as Android tabs , Cell phones, Ipad ,Ibook, Fire TV, Smart TV’s and many others the list goes on visit google read educate yourself. Silicondust, read Kodi!. People this opens up a new era of consumer based control unseen before now.  To benefit the use of 3rd party hardware that is legitimate like Silicondust HDHomerun and other seasoned manufacturers that produce these tuners to watch and record Tv within Kodi that is following the letter of the law. These are okay to include in your Kodi bundle.

With that said since Kodi aka: XBMC is open software they will not and do not tell users of their software to not use 3rd party apps that can be found in awesome repositories all over nets. They are all for openness of using their software as you see fit.

Beware quick buck scam artists taking from people who would be getting the software for free in the first place.But DO NOT produce a Kodi/XBMC box with the full monty  meaning loaded with 3rd party apps that base consumers think is legal and okay to purchase.

Kodi is the trademark holder for the Kodi name and franchise. Amazon has already banned Kodi sales from their web/site sales with an almost passive aggressive agenda to cover their own collective asses.
Why had Amazon did this? Well it was for what I believe is a lack of knowledge on the consumer and Amazon how Kodi 3rd party addons work. Or was just a stunt to kiss the content holders ass to garner more funds for their upstart to crumble bright and upcoming starts with new bold ideas.

SO what are 3rd party apps?
In simple terms-A thirdparty application is any app that is not an official Kodi Application But uses Kodi’s Media Center software to integrate into Kodi itself. 3rd party apps are NOT developed by Kodi programmers. 3rd party apps allow the consumers of Kodi to add whatever they want to Kodi to either open up new options and availability that Kodi alone does NOT produce.

Apps that allow the users of Kodi to watch Streaming movies from the theater or sometimes not yet released are Exodus, Genesis, 1-Channel, Pheonix.  And quite a few others. This is only on the movie side of viewing. And these apps listed are not created by the Kodi team.

Small Media center boxes based on Android OS are almost the size of a cigarette pack but square. People on Ebay, Amazon other online retailers are selling these boxes fully loaded with 3rd party software that enables pirate streaming of Movies not out of theaters or not yet even released to theaters & same with Television shows.
The sales of these fully enabled boxes are not just getting Kodi taken off online retail sites but are destroying Kodi’s name.

Kodi team is all for installing your loved 3rd party apps since Kodi is open source software.
Developers at Kodi aren’t saying what to install or not install on your Kodi setup. But they are asking if You do sell hardware with Kodi installed DO NOT have any 3rd party applications installed. This is for the consumer/end user to add on.

Download your own repositories and install the 3rd party apps you want after you purchase a Kodi box in it’s vanilla form. Kodi software it self is free and can be downloaded. https://kodi.tv/

I have a few of the small Boxes that came with pre-installed 3rd party apps myself.
And the little boxes are great but they are great with just Kodi installed on it with no 3rd party apps

Want some Repositories? The link is for multiple repos that need to be unzipped with WinRAR. WinRAR is free and downloaded for Windows= http://rarlabs.com/download.htm

to Install repositories in Kodi go to:
then select Addons then click on install from zip file.
navigate to where you unzipped the repository folder which will contain about 30 repositories in zipped files.
The individual repos need to be zipped for install in Kodi.
Here is the 30 repos in one zipped file which does need unzipped.
This file does not contain every repo just a good start.

The file is clean and been scanned but still scan with your Antivirus anyhow.

Can also install repositories by going to System, File Manager , Click add source.
Add File source box will pop up click in the address type bar that will say NONE.
Type in exactly as I list=   http://srp.nu
Now Click Done
At bottom of window will be a blank bar that says Enter a name for this media Source
Type SuperRepo then click OK.

Go back to home screen and in settings click Add-Ons then click on install Zip-File scroll down until you see SuperRepo click on it and install the Supernova repo.

This step can be taken over and over again adding new repositories.
Here are more links for you to add manually yourself:-)


SuperRepo is a must have if you want some of the best 3rd party addons.
The more repo’s you have the more application selection you will have.

While Kodi team doesn’t care what 3rd party apps you use copyright holders do. So beware and know your local,state,gov , laws. Even streaming unreleased movies is considered pirating.
There are many cool 3rd party apps that are not for pirating movies or TV. Steam is awesome! PVR, Advanced Launcher and many, many more.

Most important if your going to sell Kodi boxes do so without any Repo’s or 3rd party apps installed.
Kodi alone is already kick ass!

Tip: If you do decide to install many repo’s and add-ons. Kodi does not support this. Don’t go hitting the official forums looking for a solution to an issue. Your on your own!




2 thoughts on “Kodi underfire by likes of uninformed Amazon.

  1. I will gladly point out what plugins are good and which are not. This is where most retail stores misunderstand it is NOT KODI who makes these plugins nor are they included in the default install.
    Kodi was not developed for pirating this is clear. But I am all for open software and sharing if you choose to use said plugins this is on the end user NOT the developers of KODI.
    I do NOT sell these retail although I am selling a HTPC on Ebay that has Kodibuntu installed with NO plugins installed. http://www.ebay.com/itm/252338827117?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649


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