Finding the right HTPC case

Have went through 3 different HTPC cases. Every change made me happy but not for very long.
What Bothers me most is the lack of any on case display. Why? Bling factor is one of them but not the main reason for wanting one.
Wanting a LCD or OSD is for music and time.
If i’m listening to music from my HTPC which I often do i’d rather not have the TV on just to go through what I want to play or to see what is playing.
It can cause burn-in on the TV and is a waste of electricity.
With a small LCD display on front of case can scroll through music and see what’s playing with out the need of TV being on. Plus I like looking below the TV while waiting for Supernatural to come on and see what time it is or how much longer I must wait.

There are the beautiful cases that incorporate a excellent 7″ touchscreen LCD on front of the case.
The cost is now $360 to $800 which has dropped significantly over the last 2 years.
Is it awesome? HELL YES! Is it really needed? Nope.
Bling factor  +50!! Usefulness not so much let’s think about this. Will I be watching any movies on it? Not a chance I have a 60″ HDTV it is connected to.
So this leaves the only useful option to see what music is on when TV is off and what time it is.
This can all be done on a LCD that is 2 x 20 in size and will accomplish what is useful.

If I had $360 to blow sure i’d get one of these awesome displays of techgeekiness. Flex my HTPC muscle.

Now to finding a case that has the feature of a small LCD display is another quest.
They are out there but not in the huge numbers they should be.
I’ve located the model I want and it has been discontinued and costs $275 used:-(
Can always go ahead and pull the DVD drive from my HTPC and add the nMEDIAPC Silver Aluminum Panel PRO-LCD-S 5.25 drive bay slot. This would accomplish what I am looking for.
But I just don’t want to give up my DVD/Bluray slot for a LCD display panel. I want both!
Have I ever used the DVD drive? No, but why should I give that option up.

Then there is the nMEDIAPC Black HTPC 2800B ATX Media Center / HTPC Case 
Which costs $89.99 and the LCD panel isn’t programmable which means i’d still have to purchase the nMEDIAPC Silver Aluminum Panel PRO-LCD-S:-(

The search for HTPC case bliss continues on. Will I find that sexy sleek case I’ve always wanted but could never have?
Will the case continue to allude me? Or will I just be crushed under the mad chase of case bliss?



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