This part was supposed to be at the bottom of part 1 post.

Antenna’s are very much needed if you plan on using over the air broadcast.
There are indoor antenna’s and outside as well.
I’ll level with you I have only used an indoor antenna to retrieve OTA HDTV.
And I personally liked it but issue I had was reception. With an outdoor antenna this wouldn’t be as much of an issue.

So you decided outdoor is it! first figure out where your antenna will best work and what type will best work for you. There are different antenna’s medium multi-directional, small directional, amplified, etc.

Visit here to figure this out=

This page is a suggestion based webpage so don’t use it as the end all be all answer. Do a bit of homework regarding hardware.
What I have read and would use is a small multi-directional antenna.
You’ll want to find out where broadcast antenna’s are located in your area. If your in the middle of no where a small multi-directional would not be the answer for you most likely need an amplified antenna.

Seriously there isn’t much to post regarding this.
Picking hardware will be the biggest thing in my opinion so shop at the obvious places.

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