Windows 10

I adopted Windows 10 about 3 weeks prior to RTM. Still am apart of the Windows Insider program and do keep on fast track.
Last night received update on fast track TH2 update which is first preview build since RTM release.

I personally had issues with initial install of 10 which lead me to various possibilities either hardware or just Windows 10 plain did not play well with my hardware.
Had decompression issue when installing apps or games. PC would not boot up 3 out of 5 times.
After changing HDD to the SSD seemed to fix issues. Which leads to another strange outcome the 500gb mechanical drive I used shows up healthy after 3 tests now. Not one bad sector.

Know of 3-4 others that moved to 10 without issue.
Gaming wise Windows 10 is not on par with 8.1 by any means. Gaming performance has dropped a bit games now get stutter when they did not on 8.1. I’m using the 4gb Radeon  R9 290x. Hoping after some Windows patches and driver improvements over the next few months will smooth this out.

If I had to do it over again I would and will stick with 10 until things improve. I personally like change when it comes to operating systems.

Do I recommend others to upgrade no i’d wait a bit.


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