Always said Drones are perv tools.

But have since changed my mind. Sure the one I like has a camera built on but that’s not what I like Don’t like cameras at all on any small flying object. Main reason I never added a camera to any of my helicopters is because of the creepy factor.
The Drone is edge lit with LED lighting front one color back another to be able to tell front from back. Plus can night fly that is cool:-)
To light up a RC Helicopter is a bit costly and requires extra power meaning another battery. Once you move into 450 and larger they are heavy enough without extra lights or battery.

Model i’m looking at is a starter model but comes ready to fly and is able to flip in flight.
Hero RC XQ-5 V626 UFO Drone
HERO Drone

From what I see it’s a good starter and comes with spare blades and battery and is only $105.95.

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