Make me own Bluray case covers.

My friend buys the 3d Bluray movies but doesn’t have a 3d television. So he gives me the 3d version of the movie and keeps the Standard 1080p BR and DVD discs.
I have a few spare Bluray cases but I don’t get the cover. Can’t complain since he gave me the 3d copy for free:-)

So thanks to a tool called UnderCover10 located @
And a fine site to get your case cover art custom or scanned in can even grab inlays and discs as well @
Both are free & freecovers requires registration.
So far he gave me 2- 3d movies Captain America Winter Soldier & Thor The Dark World.
Can buy 50 Bluray cases at Amazon for $23.99 new. If you shop around online you can probably find them a lot cheaoer than that.
Using Kodak Photo paper glossy and our EPSON XP-310 printer was able to make some very good case art.
The Epson is a decent printer main reason for us getting it was ink. Basically it’s not a throw away since the ink carts cost $6-7. 1-Black 3-Colors RGB totaling $30 plus tax to replace all carts.

EPSON XP-310 can be purchased at Walmart for $60. You can buy the corner isle printers for $29.99-$39.99 but these printers are what I call throwaways because once the ink is out the cost for ink replacement is more than double what you paid for the printer.
Shop around always look at ink costs better to pay more for a printer that has affordable ink.

Looks pretty good all cased up and no one to watch:-)

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