Raspberry-Pi Kodi installed

After having the Raspberry-Pi for last 7-8 months. It’s use was a build for something unrelated to a media center box.
Did try XBMC Gotham on it and just wasn’t working. Even Kodi 14.0 has it’s issues I have a 75Mbps Down and 30Mbps Up FiOS connected to a switch that is 1gb throughput the router/modem also supports 1gb.

Streams live TV just fine as long as it’s standard 480i/p. It can record HD just fine and even play them back but streaming HD right now just isn’t working.

I took a few screens and also a video it’s low quality don’t have Roxio Capture setup. Which is how I should have done it.
Using Kodibuntu-Kodi. Using Server WMC as my PVR server gets Cable using the HDHomerun Prime multi tuner Cable card hardware. I personally prefer Server WMC because TV Guide is working no extra steps or XML or make a monthly payment to schedules direct to get you guide.
I have used Schedules Direct when I was using NPVR instead of Server WMC. Schedules Direct is awesome but it just doesn’t have the logo’s so you have to go through and add them.

My base HTPC “Living room” is where it grabs Live TV, music, Movies, TV shows, Picture and so on.

Raspberry-Pi box pretty awesome has HDMI, composite, 2-USB,Ethernet, audio port and of course the SD Card slot.

This is the Remote I use in my room for Rasp-Kodi box. Also have one for living room HTPC but it rarely gets used out there since I use a Media Center Remote control. But is important to have a keyboard & mouse available it comes in handy more often than not. This remote while small does have a touch pad that is used for mouse and all the same keys a full size keyboard has minus the number pad on the right of kb.


My first screen shot in Kodi watching Law & Order Live and pulled up channel selections at same time.



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