HIS Radeon R9 290x Blackscreen issue fixed? maybe.

After about 4 months of owning the videocard the black screen issue started and went from only here & there to black screening as soon as in game.

After BIOS update to ASUS mainboard and trying AMD Videocard drivers 14.4 WHQL, 14.7 RC3, 14.9 WHQL, 14.9.1 Beta & 14.9.2 Beta the issue was unresolved.

Then figured must be voltage settings either by the mainboard ram or CPU adjusted these still not resolved. Then thought bad Vram or system memory did tests all good.

Next let’s see how hot the Video card gets. AMD’s peak allowed temp is 95c after this it drops to lower frequency to stop hardware damage from heat.
Vcard idle stays stable at 34c. During peak gameplay 30 minutes to 1 hour GPU only peaked at 65c Game tested was Shadow Of Mordor with updated texture pack. Figured this game will get the card peaked. So heat isn’t the issue. Almost wish it were at this point.

Re-seated system memory and Video card and noticed that the videocard is sagging pretty badly. Made a make shift platform for the card to sit on in the case.
Did a complete wipe of any AMD driver or software including manual registry removals. And installed the 14.9 WHQL driver set from http://www.amd.com

So far the black screening has stopped but i’m still not going to say it fixed the issue will wait and see. I do know the weight of the heatsink and fans on the PCI-E slot isn’t a good thing.

Update 11/30/2014

I should of posted when I found the issue under month ago just been busy.
The issue with black screen is power supply even though I have a dedicated 450W PSU and a 550 PC PSU.
The 3.3v was dropping below 3.0. Those with this issue check you outputs on all PSU’s installed in your PC. This resolved my problem haven’t had a black screen again.

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