Florida tooo long.

Been talking to the wife. I would like to move back to NY.
I understand doesn’t matter where you live it’s what you make of it. I’m not wanting to go because I have a false belief i’ll do better or will make shit better.
I’m tired of just staying for my comfortability zone because it’s just easy. I want to break that and get out I don’t want to be on my death bed and ask myself why didn’t I take real risks. My only answer would be scared of change I like my comfort level.
I know i’d be leaving my children I know they would understand.

It’s not because I blame people here for my bad choices. It’s because I am tired of being a coward scared to make the change. Maybe it is because for 1st time I’ve really looked at me and found out what I am.  Maybe i’ll get eaten alive there and not make a year but at least I can say we tried.
Wife’s place of employment was bought out by Moss which is based in NY so a transfer would most likely be possible.She isn’t 100% convinced but I’m going to keep at it.

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