New PC titles

Last few days have been playing Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor & Ryse Son Of Rome on PC-Steam.
Both are pretty cool combat games very similar as far as combat goes.
They both also use upgrades and XP.

Played the hell out of Mordor very cool game. Ryse is too I’ve played the hell out of it as well. They took quick time events out of Ryse for PC which is a good thing. Biggest issue with XBOne version was the quick time events many complained about it. And PC version also took away micro transactions which is another good thing.

Pisses me off when you pay a premium price for a game and then can’t get the better items unless you pay them more $$. Dead Space 3 did that I loved those games I dumped 3 as soon as I saw they charged for micro transactions.

That is fine if the game is $10-$20 but not when they are $39.99-$59.99 absolutely NOT. Fuckin greedy bastards these games aren’t RPGMMO’s if you want micro transaction make a MMO! Or do free games on IOS/Android and charge for that shit all day long

Alien Isolation is a solid mention it’s more of a hide and survive type game. But creepy and enjoyable although dying over & over again starting in place you last died sucks It’s PC should have manual saves. So save at every save station you can you’ll need to.

Almost forgot and is a fine game as well The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter very cool uses latest UE4 engine I believe? Could be wrong but the visuals outdoors are pretty awesome.It’s a FPS investigation type game with psychic abilities.
Should mention I haven’t beat 1 of the games I mentioned but did put 2-3 hours into each of them over a course of 3-4 days. Ryse and Mordor only last few days for them,

I’ve had a lot of free time lately so pretty cool playing some games but soon back to real life and get a job. And actually hold one:-)

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