Security Cameras

I’m no professional surveillance installer or anything only did a few on my neighbors house and 3 on my own.

The most important thing is placement unfortunately there are just places inside and outside that just can’t be setup in the perfect place for viewing.

Which means more cameras or can chance it and place decoy cameras. Then if you want a good birds eye view of your back yard you must decide wired or wireless?

There’s a bonus for Wireless no wires to clip, wired better quality video. Negative wireless doesn’t get same picture quality as wired. They say they do but I use 1 wireless and it doesn’t even come close to my wired.  Wired if someone really wants to steal from you or harm your family they can take their time find the wire run and clip it.

This is why placement is important because last thing you want is for the would be thieves to find your cameras blind spots.
Right now I only plan on adding 1 more camera for a total of 4.
Weather I would use or do use decoys i’d never tell;-)

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