Keeping my mind away from my personal life struggles . But F*#@*ng! Amazon is on me list!!

I sold a brand new EVGA Geforce GTX 770 SC edition on Amazon.

Opened a seller account a few weeks ago. The video card sold in a weeks time the card was mailed within the 3 days your given to mail or the sale is forfeit.

Sent out on a Thursday with Insurance & tracking arrived to buyers home that Saturday. Amazon wouldn’t allow me to adjust the shipping charge from the $5.95 they have set shipping a video card is heavy so it costs $15.90 that was the cheapest rate I could get.

So I ate $10 now instead of getting what I wanted for the card i’m already $10 and change down.

Then Amazon instantly takes their $23 for using their site for my sale.  Now i’m $33 and change down..Anger is growing as I type!!! arghhhh!!!And the rest of the money which is mine I don’t fucking get for 21 FUCKING DAYS!!!! I’m outraged if I lived by there I would of been in that office with my headball bat cracking fucking desks and computers.

I email them a nice letter only to be told well if you want your money faster and be able to change your shipping charges you can pay us another $40!

In the end it’s my fault I should of read their seller information more deeply. As mad as I am it’s also my own fault for not reading the TOS.

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