Retired gaming consoles: The Sega Legacy


Some of my retired consoles.
Original PlayStation-1994
Super Nintendo-November 21, 1990
Gamecube -September 14, 2001
Sega Saturn-November 22, 1994
Sega Dreamcast-November 27, 1998
Nintendo Wii- December 2, 2006

Of all the consoles I had the Dreamcast was my favorite and still holds the coolest Game system of all time in my book. Imaginary book;-)
Sega made the biggest mistake they thought by using 1024 Discs & hardware aka: 1GB discs & GB Drive thus doing copyright protection for GB-Discs not 700mb CD-Rs. Since the GB burners were very expensive/ almost impossible to get and Dreamcast would require a mod chip to play burnt 1gb disc games.PC’s only had 700mb burning capability at that time.
The Dreamcast used a Gigabyte Rom drive in the system that of course played GB discs and music CD’s.
Sega team gave the hacking community little or no credit. Hackers/crackers were able to rip the data directly from the Dreamcast to PC (Using a home made coder’s cable under $20) then by removing unneeded data on the disc to make it under 700mb they could burn the games to regular CD-rs and play them on the Dreamcast. NO modchips or software modding was needed to play backups or downloaded games. Because the protection was only looking for copied 1GB Discs not 700mb CD-R’s;-)

The Playstation2 came bursting out on release date making the Dreamcast fail. And what a shame the Dreamcast was by far the better console. And not because it was easily cracked but because it was just better.
Just like the Saturn console before Sega was ahead of their time. Both the Saturn & Dreamcast were online capable and not like the PS2 the Dreamcast actually had online games on release date. It still boggles my mind how console gamers totally missed that. Maybe they weren’t ready for diversity in gaming.

Keep in mind it’s 1994/1995 and the Sega Saturn is online capable and games were released.
•Virtual On
•Daytona USA CCE: Netlink Edition
•Sega Rally: Netlink Edition
•Saturn Bomberman
•Duke Nukem 3D
Amazing to say the least.

Dreamcast online capable on release date or close to.
Doom (unofficially ported to Dreamcast)
Maximum Pool
Phantasy Star Online/Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2
Planet Ring
Quake III Arena
Sega Swirl

It really showed how behind the console gaming community was.

My retired console collection.
Retired Consoles

It’s 1994-1996 the Sega Saturn was online!
Remember what was around?


Projection TV

Windows 3.1

Laserdisc Clear_Present_Danger_AC3


Sega Saturn front

Sega Saturn top

Here at the bottom mostly remain unseen. And most still don’t know or bother to look. The Sega Saturn was a master piece 15 years ahead of it’s time.
Let’s not forget the Saturn could also play burnt copied/downloaded games as well. No software mod or hardware mod needed. It’s called hot swapping. Takes a few tries but it can be done;-) Timing and speed is the trick if your slow & clumsy you’ll never get it.

The amazing Dreamcast could play any disc or region game.
And Phantasy Star Online was awesome! Anyone play that back in 1998-1999?
PhantasyStarOnline screenshotDC


The Awesome retired Dreamcast Sega’s last console:-( Very sad day when Sega announced that they were no longer making hardware.
Dreamcast Console

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