Tried a few new E-cig batteries.

I’m going to talk about the 1st Spinner/Variable Voltage E-Cig battery I purchased. The VISION Spinner.
Very simple review this battery sucks! Every person I know has had to return the battery not once but up to 3-4 times. I went for my 2nd return and said no more I want a completely different battery that is not a VISION battery.
Seriously this battery is terrible it would go dead and when I put it on charge it would finish charging in less than 5 minutes. The sales lady at the E-Cig store I purchased it from said well even if it turns green right away still charge the battery for 4 hours. So I went ahead and did that the battery would go dead in under 5 hours I was charging it 3x daily.
I wouldn’t give this piece of junk to someone no less spend $35 for it.

So I then got the EVOD VV 1000Mah battery. It’s VV as in Variable Voltage not a W:-)
This battery lasts right around 24hours when smoking heavy. If your not a heavy smoker this would easily last a few days.
Plus the variable voltage is nice to have I like a strong hit and the variable batteries do that for me.
This battery locally costs $25 I would recommend this battery.

I use the standard EVOD tank on the EVOD VV battery.
Also have another tank which I do prefer over the EVOD tank. It’s the Vivi-Nova Tank.
The cartomizer is a bit different than the standard EVOD tank and does hit a lot harder than the EVOD tank as well.
The mouth piece is interchangeable as you can tell mine isn’t the stock mouth piece.
The Vivi-Nova tank can be purchased for $12-$15 can get cheaper online but after shipping it’s going to cost about the same to buy locally.
The cartomizers are same price as EVOD’s $10 for 5 of them. And if you are the build your own type then the Vivi-Nova will be even better for you.
I really like the Vivi-Nova it’s worth the $15.

Lastly I purchased iTaste 800Mah Variable Voltage battery.
This battery has a small digital reader on the front. It shows what Voltage,Wattage Ohm meter & Battery level indicator and even tells how many puffs you have taken.
When the button is green your charge is full Yellow=Warning Red means charge me!
I like this battery it’s become my favorite out of the 4 batteries I have.
This battery locally costs $40 i’m sure you can get it cheaper online somewhere.

Vivi-Nova Tank w/custom mouth piece.
Vivi-Nova Tank w/custom mouth piece.

Vivi-Nova Carto.
Vivi-Nova Carto.

EVOD Variable Voltage Battery
EVOD Variable Voltage Battery

VISION EGO Spinner-1200mah. Junk
VISION EGO Spinner-1200mah. Junk

iTaste Variable Voltage 800Mah battery.
iTaste Variable Voltage 800Mah battery.

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