Beyond 2 Souls PS3 & Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag PC

Finished playing Beyond 2 Souls yesterday. I did get it on release day the long time to beat it was not from gameplay. I just took my time beating it.
Graphically & Voice acting are top notch.
Voice of main character is Ellen Page and supporting voice actor Willem Defoe. The characters also look like them as well. From what I understand they were also motion captured.
If you have played any of Quantic Dream’s games then you should have a idea that games they make are story driven.
Either you like these type games or you don’t that seems to always be the case with any of Quantic releases. While individuals have different opinions game reviewers all rate it highly.
I personally liked the gameplay and story. Personally prefer story driven games so my thoughts on this game shouldn’t be considered unbiased.

If your not a gamer and like movies then Quantic Dream games are probably for you. Other games they made that are also excellent in story are Farenheit-UK name /version PC, Indigo Prophecy is Farenheit but is USA release also PC. Then Heavy Rain which was a PC release but was later made for PlayStation 3 only.
All 3 of these games are excellent in my opinion.

Indigo Prophecy can be purchased for PC digitally online check the normal places. It can also be purchased for the PlayStation 2 & Original Xbox for $9.99 at Gamestop.
Heavy Rain PlayStation 3 only Gamestop Used:$17.99 Directors cut Used $18.99. New $29.99 New for Directors Cut $19.99.
Better off going with directors cut.
The Director’s Cut includes the original game, Heavy Rain Chronicles: Episode 1 – The Taxidermist DLC, a series of 8 “Making of” bonus videos, the game’s soundtrack, three dynamic themes and more.

Beyond 2 Souls PlayStation 3 only new $59.99 used $54.99.


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag-PC
I got Assassin’s Creed IV a few days after release date didn’t bother with it because I really didn’t enjoy any game after the original.
While I did play it through the opening of the game I never got past the docks.
Then a new patch was issued which included Nvidias PhysX it was not originally included in the release build.

Dropped the patch on cranked the PhysX option to Maximum because Nvidia claims any GTX line 600 series and up can do so. This wasn’t the case even with PhysX set on low the game studdered terribly.
I installed the latest driver for my Geforce GTX 680 Superclocked edition GPU. So it was up to date!…yes & no. After a few days of trying different options and graphics settings I couldn’t get a happy medium performance.
So today 01/18/2014 I look at PhysX driver version it wasn’t the latest driver build. So I went and downloaded PhysX_9.13.0927_SystemSoftware and sure enough it fixed the issue everything cranked to top and running buttery smooth.
Through all the testing with old PhysX drivers I had managed to get a bit further in game. Only to be at a part escaping and stealing a boat. As soon as rouge waves started pounding the ship I was hooked. Now I must play & finish the game through.

Here are the PhysX drivers I installed and fixed studdering issue with.

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