Use the Playstation 4 controller on your computer.

The Playstation 4 controller can be used on your computer. Some games are just meant to be played with a controller.
I’ve been playing Metal Gear Rising Revengence and playing with the PS4 controller just feels better.

You can either use it wirelessly-Bluetooth or use the USB cord that comes with the PS4 controller and plug into USB port.
Once you plug the controller in it will find the controller in Windows 8/8.1 but games will not. I have not tried this on Win Vista or Win7.
The fix for that is DS4 it is an application that I found on the PCSX2 forums. A member screen name InhexSTER was the one who made this tool.
Here is the link to download it:
I have scanned the app with latest Avast Anti-Virus and is clean still make sure to scan yourself.
Make sure to read the readme that is included in the zip file before using. It will explain how to use DS4 tool. As of now it only supports basic functions and rumble. I’m sure they are working on implementing the touch pad.
Have WinRAR installed to unzip DS4.Download @

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