Electronic Cigarettes Do they work?? So Far So good.

I’ve been a pack a day smoker for 20 years. I’ve tried patches and even the store bought E-cigs from major retailers like Walmart places like that.
I purchased the Blu-E-cig type called FIN they have a total of 1.6% Nicotine which is useless for a pack a day smoker or more. Plus the flavors i’m sorry even the ones we like tobacco flavors are always not quite toboacco. After a week of smoking the tobacco flavors I was like there is no point in this I want to quit tobacco why would I want to taste it too? Back to the point this E-cig lasted all of half an hour I was back to smoking that quick.

Here is a picture of the cartridge based E-Cigs we bought.

Back in August or so my friend came over and he also tried all those cartridge based E-cigs none worked for him either. He was a 2-3 pack a day smoker. This time he bought a new E-cig at first I was like no way i’m buying that thing it’s big wouldn’t want to carry it around and chances are it won’t work.
2 weeks later he comes by and he’s still not smoking that E-cig is working! I was sold if a 2-3 pack a day smoker could stop using that E-cig it’s going to work for a pack a day smoker. And I didn’t care if it was a bit bigger than I liked if I could stop smoking it’s worth it.

My wife & I went ahead and purchased the same E-cig the Kangertech EVOD cost us $70 for the starter kit included 2 -E-cigs ,1-charger,5- cartomizers & a 30ml bottle of E-liquid which lasts 2 people about 2 weeks. Some get more than that out of a 30ml bottle depends on your smoking habit.
A 30ml bottle costs $15 we figure that 2 bottles a month @ $30. Compared to $240 a month we were spending on cigarettes that’s BIG savings.
I’m not going to get into health benefits because that’s a whole different ball game. Point is no one really knows the damage E-liquids may cause in years to come. NO E-cigs are FDA approved. So don’t listen to the BS that smoking a E-Cig is better for you. No one truly knows that. Is it better than all the tar you get from a cigarette? the answer is yes.

Here is what the EVOD looks like. All these E-Cigarettes are refillable which means you can change out flavors when ever you want to.
Kangertech -EVOD

The EVOD requires the cartomizer to be changed out about every week. They seem to last about a week for me.
The cartomizers cost anywhere from $1-$3 a piece. Shops sell them in packs usually 5 or more. You will want a 1.8ohm type don’t get any less. 2.5ohms work fine my package came with 5 of them.
Cartomizer for the EVOD:
Cartomizer 1.8ohm

We recently went and bought new E-Cigs. Went with the Kangertech E-Smart E-cig it’s a smaller form factor.
The E-Smart can be purchased at Innevape in 2 pack choice of colors for $40 comes with 2-E-Smart E-cigs,1-charger, Choice of 1- 5ml bottle of E-Liquid.
A 5ml bottle costs $8 separately and can last from 1 week to a week and a half again depends on your smoking habit.
We like the E-Smart best it doesn’t require a weekly cartomizer replacement and it hits better than the EVOD. I should say the E-Smart keeps a steady hit constant through out battery life. The EVOD has 5-6 solid hits as the battery and cartomizer get used the weaker the hits get through out the charge.

Here is the E-Smart E-Cig:
Kangertech E-Smart

We have been getting our liquid from Innevape and purchased our E-Smarts from there as well.
All their liquid is made in USA and in a Laboratory.
Check out their products at http://www.innevapeusaeliquids.com/

Their cost is like the rest but they also offer discounts if you follow them on Facebook ,Twitter or Youtube.
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC70HH7Txow16aj6VqfaDV9w

I’ve tried a few different liquids and so far Innevape is the BEST!

Here’s size difference between the E-Smart and the EVOD
size comparison

UPDATE as of 01/03/2014 still not smoking and I am down to 12mg of nicotine. I’m very pleased I did slip up on Xmas day was drinking and smoked a cig but I won’t ever again Soooo Nasty!!


7 thoughts on “Electronic Cigarettes Do they work?? So Far So good.

  1. You are awesome! Keep up good work! I am so glad you reviewed the evod and esmart. I just got the esmart today and you were the first reviewer to let me know if I had to change cartomizer or not! Thank you!


    1. Thank you, I never mentioned the E-Smart Atomizer which I should of. The E-Smart top needs replaced as well after awhile. They last on average a month. And the replacement is around $5-$6 a top. I’ve tried a few different batteries. I’ll be posting about my experience with those at a later date. Trying another first. The 3 batteries I tested are the EVOD 1000mah spinner & the vision spinner and latest battery i’m testing now is the iTaste VV.


  2. Here’s where I get mine from. http://www.innevapeusaeliquids.com/
    I live locally to Innevape so I’ve never ordered online from them. But go ahead and check them out. I ordered the Atomizer/clearomizer from some other online store for the E-Smart and they sent me tops that looked like they were for the E-Smart but they did not fit the E-Smart battery.
    Direct link to the E-Smart top or clearomizer they call them. http://www.innevapestore.com/product_p/esmartclearomizer.htm


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